I have no need for an alarm clock, I have a cat…

Pouncing each morning around 6:30 – even on Saturday!

He used to pounce and attack through the covers – batting at my feet with his hind legs. All manner of pushing and trying to get him to stop only intrigued him. Finally I discovered ignoring him worked best – he gave up on that tactic…

Next was bounding up on the bed and walking with heavy steps behind me as I lay on my side then plopping down against me purring loudly. Again, I found if I lay really still he would settle down. No longer content with the results he was getting he found the foolproof method: pounce, creep slowly but surely, purr loudly in the face, lay on pillow next to her head – I can feel him staring at me. If I try the old ignore him routine, he turns around in circles a few times and proceeds with an extensive bath.

Cat lover or not, you probably know most cats are very aloof. Not this guy, he’s Mr. Sociable. His favorite visitors are friends who are dog people and really don’t like cats. He makes it his mission to be sure and make them feel right at home – you know, walking behind them on the couch and laying behind their head, or better yet plopping down at their feet and wrapping his paws around their ankles and holding on for dear life. Should he detect that you have good fashion sense he proceeds to stick his head in your purse and explore all you brought with you, or rub against your black trousered leg – after all black and white do make a statement. But, I digress, back to the morning wake-up call…

As I stretch and stick out my arm to stroke that ever so soft fur, the first thing to greet me is whisker kisses. It’s hard to resist him! After all, he is doing his duty: making sure I’m up when I should be, making sure I know he loves me, and truth be told, making sure I know he is impatient for his morning grub!

opi (2) cropped

2 Comments on “WHISKER KISSES

  1. Haha it’s cats like your guy and my boy Oscar that give cats a bad name when it comes to being aloof! Oscar goes into a decline if he can’t be with people. He must have been a dog in a previous lifetime…


  2. Our pets!!! What would we do with out them!!! They love us no matter what and all they ask in return is a little TLC!


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