Love In The Cement…

Some ordinary days turn extraordinary – especially when you have a dust rag in your hand…

My afternoon was humming along, checking off the list: bathroom clean check box, floors vacuumed check box, laundry folded check box, dusting (underway). My hubby was being helpful by getting the black speckled walkways pressure washed after a hot, humid summer.

He came in and said “Taking a break, got a phone call.” I called out “Do they look any better?” “You tell me” he says. So we walk out and it’s looking good when we get to the driveway…

love in the cement

Love is truly blind because at first I didn’t see the artwork, I saw a particularly black area off to the side and commented. As my mouth finished my eyes caught sight of the important…

This man has put up with a lot and if you could have seen me in worn out shorts, old t-shirt, and unwashed hair, you would have asked, ‘What does the man see in her?’

I wish I could say at that moment that I acted like a teenager and threw down my dust rag and wrapped my arms around him in adoration. Instead I smiled and said “That’s too cute, are you going to leave it for my friends to see?” And that was it, back to check boxing off the boxes.

God gives brilliant blue sky sunrises, paints pinky orange sunsets, and sets the birds in formation across the horizon and we say ‘Isn’t that beautiful’ and drive on down the road. He gives us furry cat antics, wet dog kisses, and little mud pie hands and we say ‘These kids and pets are making a mess.’

Oh for a rewind button that we could see with eyes that acknowledge the gifts – and imprint them in our hearts and memories forever…

4 Comments on “Love In The Cement…

  1. my first thought was SF DF sitting in a tree….
    the more often I look to see… I find the extraordinary


  2. I love this one Donna! It’s a sweet reminder to look for the little things that say “I love you” đŸ™‚



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