The rumble starts in the distance as the skies grow dark. Slowly as the minutes tick by the air grows heavy. The weight of it settles in and lights come on. In the distance a thunderclap, no sign of the rain or the lightning.

We scurry to move a tender plant or close a patio umbrella. Windows are shut as we peer up at the sky. The brilliance flashes across our face and we count the seconds 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 1005 – crash as the light flashes again.

Large drops splatter here and there, a vague breeze moves the tree limbs. Again, 1001, 1002 – suddenly the heavens open wide and the thud of thunder and rain pounding drown out all else.

Limbs bow with the weight of the leaves pushed the wrong direction, the squirrels hide in dens below, momma birds spread wings wide and close their eyes.

The rain flows and soaks the earth good and deep, frogs sing for their favorite weather. Puddles form waiting for a child’s fun. And all the while we wait…

As drops become scattered again and skies lighten back towards afternoon’s hue, the rumble grows distant once more. Opening the door I breathe deep the smell of cleansed earth, feel gratitude for shelter, and there it is…that breeze tickling my arms and my nose with the unmistakable scent of the storm now gone. The fragrance left behind is the reminder of the awe and wonder of creation drinking in the gift of life.

It is the same with life’s storms…the rumble grows in the distance, we know it is coming – even before there are actual signs of it. The weight of life settles in and we scurry to protect what we can. Before we know it we’re in the midst of job loss, a sick child, a dying loved one and the pounding of it drowns out all else. We bend and are pushed along as we struggle. It is a season, and we wait…

Then clouds part, the world goes on – sometimes we have a new job or a healed child, sometimes we lose a loved parent, but always we are reminded by the fragrance left behind of the gift of life.

2 Comments on “THUNDERSTORM

  1. Donna, FYI. I clicked on comment at end of thunderstorm post, but it said ooops and there wasn’t a means to make a comment., even when I clicked on see all comments. Janet


  2. Growing up back east I can appreciate what a really good thunderstorm brings as it clears away ~ living in the west there aren’t that many opportunities to be “renewed” by a good storm. But lifes storms reach from coast to coast, person to person. Thanks for the reminder that storms do clear and the “refreshment” we can experience comes only from our gracious God.


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