The Job

A young man set out one morning – to make his way in the world. He had a family and they needed him to make his mark.

His car was old, but his shirt was clean and pressed. He had tried so hard so many times, but he had to try again.

He asked a man in a suit with a power tie to give him a chance, the man told him he would keep his resume on file, maybe something would come up.

He asked a woman whose hair and accessories, matching shoes and purse certainly gave her an air of importance. She said she would speak to H.R. on his behalf.

Tired, he sat on a bench with head in hands. An elderly gentleman sat down next to him. “Son, you look worried. I have an extra sandwich with me and a soda, why don’t you share it with me.” Lifting his head he met wrinkled blue eyes, bright with a twinkle. Something about him made the young man swallow his pride “Thank you, I’m really hungry but can’t afford to spend what little we have on my lunch today.”

The old guy gently said “I’ve been where you are. No savings, no job, kids…” “How do you know all this?” the young man stopped chewing and asked. “Well, I don’t ‘know’ but something told me you needed someone to talk to and since it’s the middle of the day and you aren’t at work, I could guess what your troubles are.” The young man laughed and said “Yes, I guess that does make it obvious. I feel like I’m the only one who can’t seem to keep a good job and get ahead.”

“Are you healthy? Do your kids have shoes? Did your wife cook a meal last night?” The young man answered “Yes” to all those. “Do you have a sound mind? Strong hands? A desire to work?” Again he answered “Yes” to all. “Well, son, I can tell you this… Life throws us lots of curve balls, times we feel like giving in and giving up. But I have one last question for you and how you answer it is what sets a man apart from the world: If God was good the day before you lost your job, is He still good when you are out here getting turned down?”

The young man took a long drink of the soda. Before he could answer, the old guy stood and patted him on the back and said “Don’t tell me, tell Him…”

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