This is not my favorite word… I like wrinkles on everyone…but me!

I like the wrinkles lined into a businessman’s face showing his years of success won through hard work.

Wrinkles gracing the sweet elderly lady talking to me in the line at the grocery store, more wisdom shared in those few moments than hours of research can yield.

Newborn ‘wrinkles’ are sweet, the folds in soft skin ready to stretch and smooth as they grow.

The thirty-something beauty getting her first forehead line who smiles at life and lives for the days and years ahead.

I love the wrinkles around my husband’s eyes – everything is tan except the wrinkles that are white from squinting into the sun.

Wrinkles on hands as they show me how to bake or how to crochet – the same hands that take my hands and say how lovely they are.

If there were a potion that guaranteed to do no harm, cost less than $50, and actually wiped out wrinkles wherever you rubbed it on, would I buy it? YES! But there isn’t and so I sigh when I see a new wrinkle, a new sag… Could it be that those who love me think “I love her wrinkles that came through her worry for me”, “Her years spent with me”, “Her smiles and laughter throughout each day”…….

4 Comments on “WRINKLES

  1. I love this because I can relate to not liking the wrinkles on my own face. I like to call them “wisdom lines”. 😉


  2. One of the most beautiful persons I have ever met had many wrinkles and they were all in the right places! She was the woman who ran a day care center when my children were very young. They loved her, as I did, and she would light up a room with her smile and warm heart. I feel for anyone who falls prey to all the media and big corporations shoving “youth, youth, wrinkle free” down their throats. It isn’t a crime to age, it is a natural process. Once one’s outward appearances change you are still the same person, only wiser and more real. Aging needs to be embraced, but that doesn’t make money for the greedy corporations! I’m 66, I have wrinkles and I’m proud of my insides and I don’t worry about my outsides because God loves me and that is what is important to me!


  3. I so relate to this one!! I’ve come to terms with my wrinkles… Delilah loves me in spite of them so they can’t be that bad. They are a part of what makes me ‘me’.


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