Six Hours One Tuesday…

It started out being ‘let’s meet for lunch’ … it turned into a memorable day…

She’s 25, I’m 55. She’s full of big plans; I’m wondering what’s the plan?

Conversation goes from mundane to hysterical laughter and everything in between in a matter of minutes. The ebb and flow of two women a generation apart sharing their hearts.

Youth says ‘I’ve got forever’, wisdom (also known as age) says ‘Our days are numbered, live them fully’.

We finish lunch and wander through an antique store. We each marvel at the generations before and how things have changed – some for the better, some not so much.

Not yet wanting to part, we run errands together. Two women sharing soul to soul, gleaning from each other. At times the words flow easily, other times it takes a moment to form the thought.

Sitting on a bench in the park the older asks the younger ‘So what about God – where are you with Him?’ The younger sighs and says ‘I know I need to give the time it takes, I’m just at a loss as to how right now.’ Ideas are explored, silent prayers sent up.

The day grows late as the sun begins to dip low. The older wants to linger indefinitely, but knows she must let go. The younger is meeting a friend to while away a few more hours.

Hugs and kisses, memories made, six hours one Tuesday, the best hours ever…

4 Comments on “Six Hours One Tuesday…

  1. Delightful!

    My great niece moved in with us to complete an internship this past year. What was to be two months turned out to be seven and a half months!

    She turned 24 while staying with us for that period of time. I am 66 years young! She was a breath of fresh spring air. Carefree, bouncy, full of life and wonder.

    We went to yoga together, ran, shopped, cooked and the best part were the many conversations we had together, and how I miss her and the conversation.

    I wouldn’t trade that time for anything. It will always be a highlight in my memories of life.


  2. As always, beautiful and touching!!! God has given you a special gift!


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