A Friend Loves…At All Times

Do you have a friend? I hope you do. There are people who go through life and don’t have that friend – the one who knows them almost as well as their mother. Friendship is a lot of work. You give, they take. You take, they give. Sometimes the giving can seem lopsided, other times you know they are going above and beyond.

Friendship is about a lot of things. It’s about laughter – the good times. It’s about tears – the hard times. It’s about finishing each other’s sentences – it’s about discovering something you never knew before. Most of all friendship is knowing in your heart that life is better because of your friend.

God tells us much about friendship including the sweet reminder “…the pleasantness of a friend springs from their heartfelt advice.” Proverbs 27:9 I have a Best Friend – twenty-seven years in the making. The friendship we share is heartfelt, it takes time and it takes prayer to have this kind of friend. A life long friendship means many stories to share of the experiences you’ve enjoyed and grown through, from the hilarious to the heart wrenching.

Here’s a suggestion…Dive into life with someone, forgive when you need to, knowing you’ll need forgiveness along the way. Give all of yourself, share fun, be there. You may just find yourself, twenty-seven years from now, savoring the bliss of having a B.F.F. (Best Friend Forever)

3 Comments on “A Friend Loves…At All Times

  1. As always, a beautiful and very touching piece with a special message. Your God-given gift is amazing!!!!!


  2. The blessings and gifts (not material) that you will experience with a friend like this is so incredible and amazing its a shame if you miss out on such a gift. Go on ~ take that first step; you never know it may lead to 27+ years more of blessings; I know because it has happen to me!!!!


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