The Crab In the Pool

Crab1  This crab really is ‘pretty’. Definitely a female – she had on a blue mask, red lipstick, her larger claw was polished and white. But she found herself in a pool she didn’t bargain for…

At times I’ve found myself in pools like that. When I was younger I often jumped right in without weighing the outcomes: is the fun right now worth the pain/shame/guilt/whatever tomorrow (I didn’t always stop to ask).

As I began to mature, I occasionally ventured into a pool that didn’t quite suit me. I made friends that weren’t in a healthy place. I made buying choices that sometimes didn’t fit the budget. I watched movies not quite right for a Christian/wife/mom.

Like my new friend, the crab in the pool, I have sometimes spent more time on how I look on the outside than who I am on the inside. Then try as I might to get out of the slippery edged pool, I found myself stuck in the comparison pool.

Fortunately for the ‘pool crab’ I had a net handy. Even though she fought my attempts to rescue her, in the end I set her on dry ground and she ran for cover. How like us… We fight change, ignore sound advice, or get wrapped up in self. Our heavenly Father comes along with His net, precious forgiveness, and sets us on dry ground. Unlike the crab, we don’t need to run for cover, we can stand in the warmth of His light, a new creation…

2 Comments on “The Crab In the Pool

  1. Another AWESOME post!!!!! I can certainly relate to the “pool crab” as well!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!


  2. Sounds like a patriotic crab as well! Loved the analogy, for I can so remember being the crab trying to avoid the rescue attempts to help me!


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