GLOVES…& Simpler Times

Gloves2   The year was 1963. Ladies never left home, to go shopping or anyplace in public, unless properly dressed, children included. Never mind it was the middle of summer in Florida. This five year old had to wear a dress, with a slip underneath, ankle socks with lace, and… gloves.

It was proper. It was how ladies, even at five, presented themselves. And, no, I wasn’t high society. We lived in a rented little house, in a little nowhere town on the Florida panhandle. We did laundry in the tub and hung it on the line and we thought chocolate milk was a special treat.

Buffalo nickels were something you put in your piggy bank. A Thumbelina doll who could move her head was all I could think about since I had seen her on our black and white TV. We didn’t have seatbelts or car seats and I stood in the seat next to my momma or daddy whenever we went into town.

That was a mere fifty-one years ago. Some things have improved or changed for the better, some definitely not so much. I think, looking back, there might be something to be said for caring about how we present ourselves in public. What do you think?

4 Comments on “GLOVES…& Simpler Times

  1. Oh to go back to the simpler times. Loved it!!!

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  2. I remember those days also. I would love to see a better personal presentation to the public today!


  3. AMEN. I lived in that era and remember the gloves and the way we dressed so very well. Yes, the gloves. So much a part of that “proper dress.” I was also a daughter to a Navy Captain/doctor so there was additional expectation when we did things with the Navy colleagues…just the way it was and I look back and find it a good thing!
    Thanks for the reminders.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda


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