Use the Good Stuff…

ice tea2 with text     Sipping iced tea from a wine glass makes it even better…

Recently I served tea to my girlfriend and I in wine glasses. She thought it was wonderful. It reminded me of something: my grandmother always ‘put away’ her nice things to use for ‘good’ – meaning she would only use them on special occasions. When she passed away all the pretty night gowns and bathrobes my mother had given her over the years were nice and neat in the bottom drawer, never worn.

It disappointed my mom – she loved using the good stuff all the time. I on the other hand have tended to be one who uses the good stuff only on special occasions. I thought how much it must disappoint God when He blesses us with all we have and we only use it on special occasions.

All the tucked away fine china, linens, jewelry, clothing, etc. We also tuck away our special gifts or talents. All these things only brought out for ‘special occasions’. Wouldn’t every day be special if we used the good stuff? Wouldn’t we reach more hearts if we used our talents for all and not just some?

I think I’ll serve oatmeal in the red garnet bowls tomorrow morning, use cloth napkins when we eat burgers, and send a just because poem or note to someone – just because! Wear your best jewelry to the grocery store sometime – use the good stuff! Enjoy today because tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone

4 Comments on “Use the Good Stuff…

  1. Yes, yes, yes!!! Why do we always wait for just the right moment, or event to use/show our best stuff? Let’s all have iced tea in wine glasses and the joys our Lord gives us daily for all to see and share in!!


  2. I love using the good stuff! And wish I use it even more. When we say we save it for “good” what does that tell our family? Does it mean times with them aren’t special occasions all the time?


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