the Violas are back…

viola face 2015 2x     I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like remembering — remembering their childhood, remembering crazy things they did, remembering a loved one, remembering God’s faithfulness, remembering how things used to be…

It is fun to watch the animated faces as people recall and often act out their fond memories. You should see us Floridians remember the hurricanes of ’04 and ’05 – our tales of being without power for weeks, blue tarp roofs, long gas lines…

Watch a senior tell how it was when they grew up, places that are big cities now were their stomping grounds as children…

Watch moms tell about their baby’s antics, or a dog owner his best friend’s accomplishments…

Watch a baby boomer tell about the concerts he went to or the clothes she used to wear…

Recently I heard the story of how a now sixties something woman used to go out to play in the morning and not be back home til dinner – the freedom and innocence of that time makes one wish for those days again. Or how we used to leave our doors unlocked when we left home and didn’t give it a second thought…

play outside2

Women love to tell the details of their pregnancies – divulging information that the other person simply must know…

pregnant mommy2


“The way you live your ordinary days is what adds up to your one extraordinary life.” Ann Voskamp

The point is: tell your stories. Right now my story is how I planted a whole bed of violas last spring instead of vegetables. Just going out and looking at them as they spread and the colors changed brought such joy. Their bright faces always light up mine. So this year I put in some herbs at the end of the bed, but I couldn’t resist doing the rest in violas again…

viola face 2015 1x

3 Comments on “the Violas are back…

  1. Such a sweet reminder that all of our stories matter ~ they all have a purpose. You never know how your story will impact another so share away!!! I love violas ~ they look like they are having such a good time!


    • I think Violas are having a ‘good time’ – with a face like theirs they’ve got to be the happiest flowers there are! Smile makers…


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