daisy pointy pixa xx     Watching babies once they find their hands is too fun – everything to the mouth. They don’t just want to hold the toy, the dog’s ear, their mom’s hair – they want to taste it, make it their own.

I’ll never forget my ten month old daughter discovering a furry rug her grandmother had gotten for her. Laying down on it, rolling around, she finally put her thumb in her mouth staring up in delight.

Touch, such a sweet gift — as we grow we downplay it, we don’t act on it, we hide our reaction. Cool breeze, a hug, sunshine warming away the shivers – we take these gifts for granted.

flower with sun pixa x

Daily we have opportunity to touch — another life with acceptance, the hurting with understanding, the lonely with our company. It’s in the touching, the reaching for another that we find our own need met. God has set eternity in our hearts and like babies we need to experience it, make it our own.

Eternity is now, not some distant time. Those who have Jesus Christ as Savior may close their eyes one final time on earth but they open them in the Savior’s arms. The first touch in ever after… If this is so, then I should touch each life I have the privilege of knowing like it matters forever…

rose pixa x

“He has done marvelous things; His right hand and His holy arm have worked salvation for Him.” Psalm 98:1 NIV There are fifteen Bible verses with the word marvelous – all attributed to God’s ways and deeds. The way of a butterfly on wing, a rose that fills the room with sweetness, a swirling wind of leaves  –  all creation saying He is marvelous.

Sharing what He has done and touching a life with the good news of His salvation… a touch of marvelous…

baby hand daisy pixa x




4 Comments on “Touching…Marvelous…

  1. Marvelous, indeed! I have a dried up gardenia blossom next to me-fragrance of Heaven, even withered…


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