What Lasts…

chair pink pixa x     Strolling towards me were three tiny birds with the orangest beaks and pinkest legs. They were an inseparable trio, definitely playing follow-the-leader. Where she pecked, they pecked. She fluffed her feathers, they fluffed theirs. When she waddled off, they followed right behind.

The fact that they didn’t seem to notice me at all reminded me of how we are strongest – Jesus said “For where two or three come together in My Name, there am I with them.” (Matthew 18:20 NIV) Jesus is always with His followers but when we have a friend or spouse by our side, then there’s three of us…strength in numbers.

birds pixa x

Several years ago we owned a home in the Tennessee mountains. Shortly after moving in we met one of our neighbors who became wonderful friends going out of their way to help us on many occasions. The time came to sell our home but the friendship still continues. She recently said we will always be ‘heart neighbors’.

Our stories are always better, richer because of the lives that we intersect. Fond memories are not filled with places or things, it’s the laughter and the love of others that make them linger. 

girl dancing pixa x

These days we have a tendency to isolate, we’re busy, there are many demands on our time. Yet I think we would all agree that although we regret times we haven’t spent with others, we never regret the times we share a meal, tell stories and laugh, celebrate life.

God made us for each other. To be solace in the hard times and part of the smiles of joyous times. When our time here is done we can’t take things with us – but we can leave behind the fragrance of our companionship and we can take with us into eternity the remembrance of a sweet soul to meet up with again someday.

“Love one another deeply, from the heart.” (1Peter 1:22 NIV) – even if it’s inconvenient…this is what lasts…

heart people pixa x

2 Comments on “What Lasts…

  1. I love your words and pictures. Thanks so much for sharing them Paris Renae. Hugs, Susan


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