pumpkin fence pixa x     Hard to believe we are approaching our all American Day of Thanksgiving. One day we set aside to be grateful…

I can’t help but wonder where we would be as a nation if everyday we were grateful for just one thing. So blessed and yet most go through the whole year without contemplating the immense blessings we have – as though just because we were born in the North American Hemisphere far south enough for it to be called the U.S.A. it just happened.

Recently I visited the Museum of Appalachia. More of a historical site than a museum, there were original buildings from throughout the Appalachian mountains, working farm areas, artifacts, memorabilia of all kinds. Their motto and reason for their organization is “We simply cannot appreciate where we are today, or understand where we are going tomorrow, unless we understand where, as a culture, we’ve been in the past.”

grist mill pixa x

True for those of us who call ourselves child of the one true God. An all time best seller has been written so we can appreciate where we are today. So we can understand where we are going tomorrow. So we can know where we’ve been in the past. A living witness to the greatness of the Author, trustworthy and true to guide us through our days.

As believers we are Great-Full: full of the greatness of God, His blessings, His love, His Holy Spirit, His Son not spared for us. Filled to overflowing – but we don’t live it. We keep the lid on our abundance. What if we started small: sharing our thanks for one great-full thing from our storehouse with someone we know each day. Then venturing further and sharing another thing we are great-full of with a total stranger.

apples bench pixa x

I’m guessing as our focus shifts to blessings, others might shift their focus. Perhaps America’s move away from Christianity has its roots in our lack of thanks-giving. If we begin to be thankful for blue skies, falling leaves, crisp apples, fluttering wings, foggy mornings, breath warm in the cold air, a Creator of all that is – maybe our focus will shift back to the God of our heritage.

When we lose our grateful, we risk losing our great-full bounty – forgetting the Giver… O Lord my God, I will give You thanks forever. (Psalm 30:12 NIV)

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4 Comments on “Great-Full…

  1. Been to the museum – beautiful place. Grateful for the people who use their resources of time and treasure to maintain a place like that so we can appreciate it.


    • Yes, it must take a lot of work to maintain it and to make is so welcoming to those who visit. Have a great-full day as you remember the One who blesses so freely…


  2. Yes! Thanksgiving can take our focus off us and our circumstances and put it back on the One who deserves all our thanks!


    • Thank you for stopping by… We’re so easily distracted, aren’t we? Need those constant reminders to see beyond what’s in our face and seek out His face. Blessings as you go through your day…


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