So Much…

GourdsPumpkins pixa x     Florida isn’t having autumn – still muggy, still 80+ degrees. But we have snow on the lawn…

Well, this time of year a profusion of flowers breaks out over every grassy area. One day it just appears, last a couple of weeks and then it’s gone. No shoveling required.

I am reminded we have so much. Whether we live where we are wearing flip-flops in late November or wrapped up in blankets on the couch, all is provided. Even a ‘snowy’ landscape when we’re wishing for that cold front.

flowers-925540_1920 x

Ever think about the delight God had in creating something as simple as flowers covering the grass, knowing that if we would just look, we would smile. So often in our hurry we don’t notice. Reminds me of something I read recently “There’s nothing in this world that’s normal – there’s only growing blind to the glory.” Ann Voskamp

Blind to the glory of every little detail put here for us to enjoy.

This morning I was up at 5:30 taking my husband to get his truck. As I returned dawn was just starting. Behind a dark cloud horizon beamed puffy pink wisps in a still purply sky. Like a canvas saying ‘write your day on me – make it beautiful’.

dawn pixa x

Our celebration of Thanksgiving is less than a week away. We will drive over three hours to see family not seen in over a year, some even longer. I want to notice on the way the birds coming south for winter, the low fog of cool morning, and the sun splashing everything with brilliance. So much to take in.

“Be exalted, O God, above the heavens; let Your glory be over all the earth.” (Psalm 57:5 NIV)

His glory is over all the earth, but we must purpose to see it. There is no ordinary here, Ann Voskamp went on to say “The ordinary becomes the extraordinary when the eyes see the glory here.”

Take my eyes off of traffic tie-ups, fussy people, chores to be done. Quicken me to paint the canvas of my day with eyes that take in all the beauty from Your hands. It is then I can be useful to those who are hurting, tired, blinded. Let my thanks-giving this year be the spreading of the hope found only in You…

gourds bench pixa x



4 Comments on “So Much…

  1. I so agree – no matter where we are, or the weather, may we take time to be grateful for all our God has done for us over the last year. May we spread His joy & hope this week! Have a blessed Thanksgiving! I think this is my first time here so … “It is nice to meet you!” You have a lovely site!


    • Joanne, I am thankful you stopped, and thank you too for your kind words. Have a blessed celebration and let’s praise Him everyday – in the good and the bad, amen! Blessings, Paris


  2. When I began to read, you gave me a wonderful surprise with your word picture of snow. I live in the sunny south as well. Azaleas are blooming 🙂 Oh to take your challenge and not miss God’s glory all around. Blessings on your Thanksgiving! ~~your neighbor at #raralinkup


    • I love my sunny south, but appreciate those seasons everyone else gets to enjoy too 🙂 His glory is indeed all around, I find my mind more peaceful and heart more content when I breathe it in and notice. Have a wonderful Thank-Full Thanksgiving… Paris


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