What is…

Cookie canva x     December is under way, the hustle and bustle is in full swing. Cookies are being baked, gift lists reviewed, fun events on the calendar.

This year I am letting go of ‘just so’ and ‘perfect’ – and I’m finding happy with what is

What is – when it’s still 85 degrees in Florida and I notice what most people call a nuisance tree has bloomed amidst a tangle of trees. Seen perfectly from my window is God’s December decoration – a Brazilian pepper tree with red berries galore and greenest green leaves.

What is – the house is clean but I didn’t have it in me to bake up something Christmas-y for those coming over tomorrow. Maybe I can just enjoy their company and not be suzy homemaker this time.

What is – a celebration of a quiet miracle is what all this noise and busyness is about. The world is looking for best deals online, missing the best deal ever – who came as an infant, willingly bearing all our guilt so that we could have the greatest gift ever, ever.

little things light pixa x

It is time for us not be anxious about what’s next, but to be awed by what is in this moment.

A cinnamon candle, a warm cookie, a Charlie Brown tv special. Even these, when seen as gifts, touch our hearts.

A Christmas song, a child’s play, a heartfelt card – all are gifts, little things of this time.

The darkest grey sky with impending storm, the bright sun of morning, the rush of wind – heaven sent so we see the Creator.

The wonder of what is now beckons. Ears to hear, please. The greatness of the miracle is told again. Eyes to see, please.

angel pixa x

When the angels had left them and gone into heaven, the shepherds said to one another. “Let’s go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has told us about.” (Luke 2:15 NIV) The wonder of what is called to the shepherds a little over two thousand years ago and they were in awe. So much so they spread the word and many were amazed.

Daily we receive gifts all around, they speak of His generous love. The best gift we can give comes not from us but from the One in our hearts. Maybe we should be more like shepherds: hearing, believing, seeing, spreading the word – amazing…

stocking pixa x




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