Old Is New…

clock lightstock x     The boots didn’t fit well and it was her special present from me this Christmas. I told her this was a bonus as we could pick a day to return them and find ones that she liked even better and that fit just right – and have lunch out on top of it…

This is when you find out how much your grown daughter is like you. She was watching the price tags and I was watching her expressions as she looked at different boots. She made a choice that was great on my wallet and were cute on her but as we passed by a pair I stopped and asked, “Isn’t this your favorite brand? These are really cute and look like you.” She smiled and said “They’re too much.” I assured her they were only $10 more than the ones I had originally purchased. She tried them, they were perfect.

boots pixa x

We lingered over lunch but with a four o’clock interview fast approaching we couldn’t take the time we wanted to. On our way out she saw someone she knew, someone closer to my age. She introduced me as her Mom and her friend said “You did good, Mom, she’s awesome.” Thanking her I smiled knowing her words were so true. She is awesome…

But it wasn’t me who ‘did good’ – the light that makes her eyes shine, the beautiful curve of her smiling lips, that long flowing hair – those are the handiwork of her Maker. The One who loves her more than I do, which as her momma I can’t fathom how that’s possible.

white rose pixa x

Her Maker, lover of her soul, is mine also. And so with the privilege of being a mother we do get to see glimpses of little bits of us in our children. Our old skin once resembled their youthful glow. Our quirky ways are sometimes their same mannerisms. So our old is their new and so it has been through time.

This is true from the beginning – God breathed life into the first man and woman. The ancient of days, the eternal Father, the One with no beginning and no end created us in His image. When we accept Jesus as Savior we become His image bearers. I think He sometimes smiles when we do little acts that show others His reflection. I think He says ‘Yes, she is awesome…’

Happy New Year…reflect Him…

swan pixa x


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