Grace Spread…

flower blanket field pixa     If life is brief and time something we cannot bottle and save up, then I want to spread a blanket of grace over all those who come my way.

Whether I have you in my life always because you’re my child or husband or I have you only once because you happened onto my blog, I want to spread grace like a large soft blanket – to lay on and look up at the blue sky full of hope or to curl up in and know you are safe.

Because in God there is always hope and in Him we are always safe.

cat in pink blanket pixa

The grace I want to spread doesn’t come from me. But it can come through me. What if the simple answer to all the complicated questions is this: spread grace.

Grace for the times we disappoint, anger, mess up, come up short. Grace for those who make it easy for us to love them and more grace for those we can’t imagine loving. I don’t have this kind of grace for you. I, like you, have an agenda, or a to-do list to check, or expectations. But He does have this grace and He invites us to just…accept.

Nothing to do to get it, just open our hands and more than we can hold is ours. Like a blanket of love to ward off the cold of the world or to spread beneath to soften the hard spots.

quilt on grass pixa

I want to be Grace-Full and truly that’s what I am, but I guess I forget and don’t spread it out for those right in front of me like I should.

Not everyone will accept grace when offered. It is foreign to us. We are suspicious. But like a field blanketed in wintry snow that bursts into a covering of green grass and wildflowers – so grace can spread through us. Melting away the harsh walls built for protection.

Grace spread – when we are covered in it, it’s like He’s pulling us closer that we can know His heart. Why would He do that? So we can make His heart known and spread His grace that all the world may know: From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another. John 1:16 NIV





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