153 Details

Sometimes I forget details – like what my friend’s favorite color is or the name of someone I just met. When someone forgets my birthday, yep it bothers me.

Regardless if anyone remembers our details, God knows them all “And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.” (Matthew 10:30 NIV) That’s quite amazing – He knows the exact color of my eyes, my shoe size, even  remembers my first laugh.

All these seem trivial in the big picture of life, and yet, He is in every detail of our big picture. He’s walking through it with us and He’s on the other side at the end of tunnel.


I need a God like that. A God who is so familiar with me He knows what I’m going to say before I do and so in charge of the universe He knows my hardest moment will all work for good. Anything less is not God. He’s so big picture, so tiny detail that before one dust particle was created by HIm, He already knew Jesus would have to come and take our place.

Before one bad thought, one cruel act, one jealousy – He knew His Son would pay for it. He still said (loose translation) ‘Let’s make them in our likeness to rule over creation’. Because when we messed it all up, it wasn’t too big for God and never will be.

When Jesus died and rose again His closest followers still couldn’t grasp it all. It hadn’t turned out like they thought. So before Jesus went back to the Father He showed them again how He’s in their life’s moments. They fished all night – their livelihood – and came up with empty nets. Dawn broke and suddenly there He is on the shore calling for them to throw their net in one more time on the right side of the boat.


They weren’t even sure who was calling to them, but they tried one more time. 153 large fish filled that net, without one tear in it. Why 153? I don’t know, but it was a detail not left out in the book of John. Why didn’t it rip? It should have, but His care is in all the details.

Jesus already had fish frying and bread ready by the time they got out of the boat. Why? Because He knew hungry stomachs were more than ready to eat, and because He wanted to share a meal with them once again.

I can’t even imagine their wide eyed faces, racing thought minds, and beating hearts. Here was Jesus who appeared to them twice before since He was killed and this time He was cooking for them. I can tell you not one of them forgot 153 fish. And I can tell You He never forgets a detail about us – and someday He will have a meal waiting for all of us to share together (and He knows your favorite dessert).


10 Comments on “153 Details

    • Shelly, we all need a reminder now and then don’t we :) So glad you know Him and He really, really knows and loves you. Blessings in all life’s moments…


  1. I never noticed that God had included a specific number in the John narrative. Fascinating. I looked it up to see it for myself. Thank you for your careful and diligent study of the Word. Blessings!


    • Lisa, it is amazing to notice how specific God is and how He is in all the details – not only in His Word, but in our moment to moments of life. Blessings as He meets you in those moments…


  2. I’m visiting from Emily Freeman’s link-up and first I just want to say that your site is beautiful and your photography is wonderful! Even more important, your words are encouraging and true. Thanks for reminding us that God knows and loves us, and is in control of all the details of our lives.


    • First, thank you so much for stopping by and for your very kind words. I think we need reminders more and more often in these hard days that He is all over our moments – right there with and way ahead of us. Praise the Lord for His mercies are new every morning and He is mighty! Blessings as you walk with Him…


  3. ❤ We're so blessed to be His—the one who knows and remembers all our details. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Paris. 🙂


  4. “His care is in all the details.” What sweet reminders you share of God’s detailed care of us – thanks for this message! Joining you from Emily’s link up. Blessings!


    • Sandra, thank you for stopping by. It is so very comforting to know He is in the details – sweet indeed. May you be blessed as you see Him in the big things and the small things. Merry Christmas…


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