A Tightrope & The Nice Glass…

Maybe I should have named this post: What An 18 Year Old Woman-Girl Can Teach You.

She slept so soundly while she was here. But a gentle nudge to her foot brought wide eyes and a smile. I wondered, this light sleeping mother/grandmother that I am, how does she do it? Though her faith is not yet mature, it has been put to the test. And I think she deep sleeps because child-like faith reminds ‘He is always watching over, no need to worry’.

“There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear” (1John 4:18 NIV)

One day found us at the Treetop Trek. I had always thought a zip line might be fun, but the trek part? Not so much. She was excited saying ‘I will, if you will with me’. Seriously, I must not have paid attention to the video online or I would have never, ever said ‘Yes’. The ‘easy’ course picture showed a girl 10ish or so – how hard could it be? Twenty feet up, okay. Thin wood planks strung thirty feet across to the next platform, umm, alright. Each ‘element’, as they called it, got scarier. Soon there were no side ropes to hang on to. But when we came to the tightrope, yes a tightrope like the ones we see on TV, all I could do was stare.

“And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.” (Ephesians 6:18 NIV) There is no ladder down, no one to help you. Seriously, what were the people who ran this thinking when they put my gear on me? So, yeah, I prayed all kinds of prayers and made lots of requests. Mostly ‘help’, ‘please’, ‘don’t let me fall’. The delight on her face when I joined her at the next platform was worth the fear surging through my body (I think).

On our last day together we ate breakfast in a fancy hotel restaurant. Her sweet tea was served in a stemmed water glass. ‘I’ve never drank from such a nice glass.’ The comment left me undone for a few moments. How had I come to take this special way of being served iced tea as common place? And then I wondered, what about the most special cup: the little plastic ones with the grape juice passed down the aisles to remember Him – Jesus.

We can’t let special become ordinary (1Corinthians 11:25 NIV).“This cup is the new covenant in my blood; do this, whenever you drink it, in remembrance of me.”

Sometimes a trek of faith and a cup of remembrance are necessary to remind us that this life is not ordinary, it is extraordinary at every turn, we sometimes just need to see it with 18 year old eyes.


12 Comments on “A Tightrope & The Nice Glass…

  1. Oh boy do I remember Treetop Trek! Glad we both made it 🙂 Thanks again friend.

    parisrenae wrote:

    Paris Renae posted: “Maybe I should have named this post: What An 18 Year Old Woman-Girl Can Teach You. She slept so soundly while she was here. But a gentle nudge to her foot brought wide eyes and a smile. I wondered, this light sleeping mother/grandmother that I am, how “


  2. Such a special piece . . .. it touched my heart!!!! So glad your Granddaughter came to visit. Such a special time for both of you!!! And, don’t the Grandchildren have a way of encouraging us to do things we never would have contemplated before? He surely was watching over you and gave you courage!!!!!!


    • Thanks, dear friend, yes, between children and grandchildren I have done many things I otherwise wouldn’t have. And yes, He is ALWAYS watching over us, He is so good…


  3. I’m kind of on a quest to see things as they are so your tale of seeing things through 18- year-old eyes inspires me to keep on. Thanks for that! Visiting from #ChasingCommunity this morning.


    • Thank you for visiting  Perspective is everything, right? To see through His eyes is a life-long quest, and sometimes He puts just the right person in our path…Blessings,


  4. Paris, Thank you for sharing this story! It’s one I can relate to since I am totally afraid of heights. You were brave to get up there and do the course! Thank you for sharing the spiritual insights you gained from that experience. I loved the verses you shared with us.


    • Leslie, I have to confess it totally wasn’t my brave – I truly think the Lord just took over. If I had known any of what I discovered about that ‘easy’ course, I would have backed out. He has a way of doing that, right? Just the amount of information we need and He supplies the rest for each step of the journey. Trust, what a wondrous word, someday when we are with Him, our trust will be complete. Til then, we’re a work in progress! Blessings…

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  5. Was not familiar with Fl’s Treetoppers. I have had a fear of heights, but it doesn’t interfere with “going with it”. I have participated in this in Indonesia with the church group. We were all a little hesitant, but what fun to just commit and let go on the zip lines. Good memories.


    • Hello, friend, memories are so special – and some are more unforgettable aren’t they 🙂 Praying you are feeling great and growing in Jesus more and more…


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