Free to Serve…

America’s independence – hard fought and won by men and women whose hearts saw beyond serving an earthly king – who saw the freedom that comes with serving the King of kings.

Its seems like a paradox to say we are freest when we serve, but it is the very heart of following Jesus. Hearts are freed from guilt. Souls are freed from death. Hands are freed to give – to those we love, to those He loves – all the love He pours into us.

What sweeter verse than “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,”. (Romans 8:1 NIV) No condemning for past mistakes, lies, let downs, thoughtless acts, selfish endeavors. No condemning for things we don’t dare speak of. No condemning for things we will mess up and do. Only grace.

Only grace can take a broken soul and pour in love and make it whole. Only grace can stop the storm inside and replace the fears with peace. Only grace working in us can enable us to stretch beyond our selfish ways and touch a life in a life changing way.

“For the LORD God is a sun and shield. The LORD gives grace and glory; He does not withhold the good from those who live with integrity.” (Psalm 84:11 HCSB)

Maybe all our hurting world is longing for is knowing that no matter the crush of circumstances, freedom from pain and guilt really exists. The kind of heroes the world needs are those who forget about self and tell another about Jesus. Any freedom defender – for country or for serving Christ – would agree with this great quote from Ann Voskamp: “The only way to live a truly remarkable life is not to get everyone to notice you, but to leave noticeable marks of His love everywhere you go.”

Noticeable marks of His love – only the Holy Spirit can work through us to live a life that marks others with His love. Oh let us be busy marking souls through the grace-full freedom that is ours.



6 Comments on “Free to Serve…

  1. Forgetting self and getting outside of that comfort zone to share the grace that heals–I pray I learn to do this better. I do it in the ways that feel comfortable to me, but that’s not heroic, is it? Thanks for sharing this, friend. Hope you’re having a holiday week. ((hug))


    • Yes, so much easier to do it in a comfortable way  me too  He gently nudges and I bet you can look back and see how he’s expanded your boundaries. Blessings as you serve the King…freely.


  2. Yes, yes, YES!!! Serving others is what it’s all about! AMEN!!


  3. Love what you wrote ‘Hearts are freed from guilt. Souls are freed from death. Hands are freed to give – to those we love, to those He loves – all the love He pours into us.’

    Amen! In Jesus we are freed!!


    • Naomi, it is so amazing how surrender to serving the King of kings gives us freedom that is beyond human understanding and lasts for eternity. Blessings as you walk in His freedom and love…


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