Just A Little Bit…

Are things going just the way you planned?

I’m guessing each of us smirked or exhaled ‘no way’. Now I know not everybody lives by a plan, an agenda, a ‘this is the way it should be’ idea. But I’m thinking most of us have this picture of the perfect life, or at least ‘it’s supposed to be this way’ life.

Most days much of the world would settle for just a little less chaos. And that’s what we do, we settle. This is not a pep talk about striving or becoming, this is filling up on what can be, what is.

In the book of Mark in the Bible there is the story of man whose son needed some serious help. The man had heard of Jesus and found a way to bring his boy to Him. When Jesus spoke to the man about his son the father finished his plea with “But if you can do anything, take pity on us.” (Mark 9:22b NIV) What happens next is me – you, each day in the uncertainties of life: “If you can?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for him who believes.” Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” (Mark 9:23-24 NIV)

So here we sit letting the enemy stir up fears, letting worries swirl. And answers, God’s answers, not ours, are only a prayer away.

When we lay it out for God and think only the answer we seek will be enough, we forget our big God has so much more. What we need to fill up on are the promises that never fail. He fills us up with the Holy Spirit and we find all His promises: love, joy, peace. Fears can’t steal our peace, tragedies can’t squelch our joy, and our longing hearts overflow with real love.

Help our unbelief. Just a little more trust. How? Laying down ourselves before God, praying with all our might, hugging His Word tight, holding on to real hope. Not the kind that, in this world, is elusive – but the kind that comes from faith and is oh so genuine. Faith – a gift from God – it’s never a matter of not having enough, it’s a matter of exercising it. Choosing this day, at this juncture, to say I believe, I trust, I can’t see the outcome, but I can trust my God.

So how much faith do we have? If we can answer: “just a little bit more than the day before” – we have all we need. And if we can’t – it’s ours for the humble asking.

8 Comments on “Just A Little Bit…

    • What a great time of year for God to move your heart to overflowing – as we prepare to give Him thanks for all His blessings and as a country we try to find our way back to Him. May He move through you and each of us who calls on His Name to overflow to others. Blessings friend…


  1. Lovely and encouraging post. “I can’t see the outcome, but I can trust my God.” So very true! And we can trust the love of God towards us. Thank you for this encouragement! Blessings!


    • What an amazing love it is – oh if we could just grasp it. Just so thankful that it is deeper and wider than we can imagine! Blessings as you surrender your ideas for His plans…


  2. Sometimes we forget that we can’t mess up His plan, don’t we? Even if we take a different route at times, He has plans to teach us and use us as He gently guides us back into His way. There’s so much freedom in remembering that, isn’t there? So glad He doesn’t relent to our plans, but patiently guides us into His. 🙂 ❤


  3. I’m trusting God for some big things right now. I can’t see the outcome, but I know know know that whatever it is, it will be good. Because God is good and everything that comes form him is good.


    • Christa, praying with you as you trust: Father, Christa is Yours and she is putting all the big, overwhelming things right where they belong – in Your amazing and trustworthy hands. We pray Father that if it be Your will You will answer just the way Christa is trusting, but we also know You have plans for Christa that we can’t see. So we trust that You will accomplish more than she could ask for in Your perfect way. Thank You for giving Christa the gift of faith and that she is choosing to exercise her faith in a big way. In Jesus’ Name Amen
      Blessings as You walk with Him always…


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