Christmas is behind, boxes of decorations will soon be put away, and store music is already back to usual. Is life?

We mark time because we are currently captive to it. The difference between December 31st and January 1st is really a calendar year. But we look with great anticipation to putting behind things that saddened or wearied us. Look forward hoping that only good is in store. We wake up December 26th looking to five days later.

“The shepherds returned,” (Luke 2:20a NIV) They were visited, they went to see, they told everyone – and then they went back to the fields. I’m thinking those particular shepherds were never quite the same. Us?

“glorifying and praising God for all the things they had heard and seen,” (Luke 2:20b NIV) Maybe it’s about how we return to daily life. We’ve been told the good news, maybe even looked into it, perhaps shared with a few people. But do we return to the ordinary of life glorifying and praising God?

Having a word for the year has become a trend. At first I ignored the idea. Then the last two I had the word grace. I wanted it to be my practice – to give more grace and to rest in God’s grace. This year I think it will be glorify. To attempt to live on purpose in a way that doesn’t glorify self, but points to glory in the highest.

“which were just as they had been told.” (Luke 2:20c NIV) The message of the angels was just what those shepherds saw. We may think the shepherds were lucky, they got to see with their own eyes. We have to see with our hearts – faith. But I think we’re the more fortunate. Jesus said “blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” (John 20:19b NIV) To us He gives the Holy Spirit to see more clearly than eyes ever can. Someday time will no longer hold us, for eternity has no ticking clock.

So as we mark another Christmas celebrated and watch a clock countdown the seconds to midnight, may we awake each new morning praising and glorifying for the gift and the promise.


5 Comments on “Returns…

  1. Paris, thank you so much for the Christmas goodies – I have enjoyed every one of the gifts and shared the lip balm with my grandchildren!


  2. Glorify. Love it, D. — Such an inspiring word. I look forward to hearing how this word’s focus impacts your year, friend. — Trying not to be a slave to time myself this year. I feel a real sense of simplicity and health for 2018. Happy New Year! xoxo


    • Someday we won’t think in terms of time – hard to grasp, so great to look forward to… May your New Year find you filled more and more with Him.


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