No Walls, Know Love…

Ever been imprisoned? Me either. Can’t even imagine. This girl has to walk outside and look up at blue skies, breathe in fresh air.

Author Dee Brestin tells of ministering to ladies in prison. Sharing the Lord one on one and in groups, opening up the Word with them. Finding a shared longing we all have – whether our depths have led to prison walls or invisible ones. The longing to be loved, worthy.

As I reflected on this universal need, my hands were cold. Sun streaming through the window warmed my back and the question came: what warms my cold? The light crept over my shoulder and lit the page in front of me, again a question: what lights my way? What keeps me from going crazy in this hard and crazy world?

“Can anything ever separate us from Christ’s love? Does it mean He no longer loves us if we have trouble or calamity, or are persecuted, or hungry, or destitute, or in danger, or threatened with death? (Romans 8:35 NLT)

Again and again we have to remember that His love isn’t moved, changed, lessened or increased by us – our shortcomings, our doubts, our faith or faithlessness.

Love – ask ten different people to define it, get ten different takes. Ask Jesus to define it, and He settles it: God. God is love and any attempts we make at love are an imitation of the Father. Created in His image we are most like Him when we love – and most at peace when we believe His love for us. Think you are too unworthy or that your actions can make Him waver, think again:

“No power in the sky above or in the earth below–indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:39 NLT)

Whether we’re behind windowless, concrete walls or invisible walls put up daily by our doubts there is freedom. Funny thing about this love we all long for: we find ourselves with more of it, the more we give it away. Oh as He drenches us in love, will we sprinkle a little here and there? Want to know God’s heart, be assured you are worthy because of Christ? Love those who are unlovely, difficult, and who don’t return it. Truth is, we’re often just like those we withhold love from.

If you stopped by because you read my devotion today over at Encouragement Cafe, WELCOME!   So glad you are here!​​

9 Comments on “No Walls, Know Love…

  1. Hi Paris, stopping in from RaRa Linkup. Romans 8:38 is my favorite all time verse. I have a friend who does prison ministry and I’m so moved by her stories. Though I guess anything can imprison us, can’t it?


  2. Hi Paris, I’m thankful I found this post at Chasing Community, because we are chasing community when we love one another. I needed to hear “…we are most like Him when we love-and most at peace when we believe His love for us.” How often I forget the power in that truth and find myself “looking for love in all the wrong places!” I’m going to be working on tearing down some walls today thanks to your post!


    • Susan, oh the walls we erect thinking they protect us – forgetting the best protection is the shield of love over our hearts from Love Himself. Thanking God your source of power and love is found in Him and blessings as you trust. (PS Hopped on over to your blog and your content on writing to parents of adults is something I want to explore – as I always blame myself :))


  3. The more love we give away, the more we have. I like that. 🙂 Sweet post, friend. Thank you for sharing. ((hug))


  4. I loved this truth, “Love those who are unlovely, difficult, and who don’t return it. Truth is, we’re often just like those we withhold love from.”


    • So much easier to love those Jesus puts in our path when we acknowledge we are just as much sinners in need of a Savior for sure! Blessings as you love Him and those He leads you to…


  5. Paris,
    These are powerfully true words, ” we find ourselves with more of it, the more we give it away” . I was late to come by via the #faithandfriends linkup on Friday. Praying you have a blessed week.
    ~Sherry Stahl


    • Never late, always God’s timing 🙂 Praying you have special moments feeling God’s arms of love as you share His great love in your walk with Him…


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