Rain, rain, rain – for weeks. The canvas canopy over an outdoor swing was sagging – I pushed up and – whoosh – over the edge cascaded water.

It caught the attention of my one year old grandson, but I hadn’t noticed he had walked right up on the other side. You guessed it, as I pushed to get more water off, a soaked to the bone little guy stood staring back at me. I laughed hysterically, his reaction was a little different.

Turns out the laughter was refreshing to me and the ‘waterfall’ cooled him off that warm day. Kind of how it is with the things of God – time just reading His Word can refresh our soul, listening in our hearts for Him or singing His praises calms our anxiety, and praying has a way of opening our tight fists and letting God take care of things.

The funny thing about all that is: its not the act of doing those things, its Who we realize was there all along when we do. “Yet I am always with You; You hold me by my right hand. You guide me with Your counsel,” (Psalm 73:23-24a NIV)

God’s always right here, right now. Sometimes we have to be still long enough for Him to impress His truth upon our souls.

These summer rains make everything green. But summer in our hearts comes and goes. When we get soaked with Jesus, things like compassion, kindness, and grace sprout and grow from us. When we stay away, things like apathy, anxiety, impatience dry out our hearts. “Seek the LORD and His strength; Seek His face continually.” (Psalm 105:4 NASB)

Though stunned, my grandson threw his arms around his grammy’s neck, buried his little face, and came up smiling. That’s what our Father wants – no fancy prayers, deep studies, grand charitable gestures (all those are good) – but best to God is for us to run to His loving arms, bury our head in His care, and come up smiling. Soaked in His love.




6 Comments on “Soaked…

  1. “God’s always right here, right now. Sometimes we have to be still long enough for Him to impress His truth upon our souls.” Yes! And I love these photos. So precious!


    • Always, always – but we sometimes are like little ones who trust but still fear – He loves us through all our doubts and holds us close…


  2. I love your post Paris, yes snuggling into the Father & come up smiling even in the deluge that is called life! How can we not when we have Him there always! 😀

    Your grandson looks so cute!

    Remember you’re always welcome to drop by for a cuppa,


  3. Beautiful and inspiring as always!!! You truly have a gift!! Thank you for sharing!


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