The List…

I make lists. And I love crossing them off.

Each little ‘to do’ that’s done somehow is satisfying. But recently in another great book by Max Lucado, Unshakable Hope, I read this at the end: “In the first chapter I told you that the promises of this book are some of my favorites. Now that I’ve shared my list, I urge you to create your own.”

That’s a challenge we should embrace. The real challenge will be identifying favorites. If we found all the promises in the Bible and wrote them down we would have a very long list. But what about some that speak right to our hearts, written as though they were just for us?

I’m thinking that as we find them, we personalize them. Like this: “His divine power has given Paris everything she needs for life and godliness through her knowledge of Him who called her” (2Peter 1:3a NIV) Your turn, put your name in there, for He has given you everything you need as well.

This is fun, you first: “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard (insert your name) heart and (insert your name) mind in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:7 NIV)

The thing about this list is we don’t cross them off, we hold them and read them til that someday we see the Promise Maker face to face.

As we find these treasures, make our lists, and read them again and again they become part of us. There when we need them most. When doubt creeps in, or we utterly fail along the way, or we reach out to a hurting soul – sure words that don’t let us down and will help us through.

It seems to me that weariness is overtaking just about everyone around the world these days – oh so tired of the way of things. The brokenness of our fallen world piling so high some can no longer find hope. But that doesn’t mean Hope has deserted us. For Jesus will never leave us or forsake us – and He is coming back.

Which reminds me of this promise – it’s for you and for me: “and Paris and (your name) will receive a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” (2Peter 1:11 NIV)

10 Comments on “The List…

  1. I love your point about this not being a list that you mark off, Paris. Putting our names in the verses definitely makes those promises come alive! Glad to be your neighbor today at Purposeful Faith …


    • Meg, may you be encouraged every day by the list of His promises – for He is faithful and will keep them all and loves you dearly…


  2. Great post! I love inserting my name into His promises. (You picked some of my favorites!)

    Love that you call Him the Promise Maker!


    • Blessed is Jerralea for she knows her Lord and will walk with Him into eternity 🙂 Blessings on the journey with your Promise Maker and Keeper…


  3. Excellent!
    I have been praying Psalm 40 & Psalm 91 inserting Judge Kavanaugh’s name, powerful!!!!


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