6 Replacements, No 7

A rumbling whoosh of electricity – exclamations of ‘what was that?’. He runs outside checking, I go from room to room. Then I see it, fire in the oven. 

The element in our oven super-heated as I warmed breakfast. We called about replacement parts, but were warned there was more going on than just the element. New stove time.

That’s like us before Jesus, He says we need a whole new life. “For you have been born again, but not to a life that will quickly end. Your new life will last forever because it comes from the eternal, living word of God.” (1Peter 1:23 NLT)

Even so, along the way we will need some replacement parts – dying to old ways, coming alive to His ways.

  • Anger – a lot of energy with little return. But how to break free before breaking a relationship. Replace it with Adoration – of God. (Hebrews 12:28)
  • Betrayal – a friend, spouse, co-worker – deep wounds. How do we move on, find healing? Replace it with Belief. (John 14:1)
  • Distrust – because of so many let downs. When those disappointments invade we can trust Jesus. Replace it with Desire – to know our Savior better. (Romans 8:5)
  • Fear – at any given moment we may find our old friend, fear, clouding our mind. How about a better friend? Replace it with Freedom. (2Corinthians 4:17)
  • Hurt – past and present, trying define who we are. Remember all the hurt our Messiah endured – from those closest to Him at times. Replace it with Hope. (2Thessalonians 2:16-17)
  • Pain – physical or emotional, drains us and keeps us self-focused. Hard to remember it’s temporary in the midst of it, but that’s the truth. Replace it with with Promises. (2Peter 1:3-4)
  • Rejection – at one time or another, it’s gonna happen – again. But there is One who accepts us – in light of His Son we’re always wanted, loved. Replace it with Reconciliation. (2Corinthians 5:18-20)

Our replacements are rooted in Christ alone. Only He can change our hard hearts, only He can mend our broken hearts, only He can assure our fearful hearts. 

Jesus never said things would be easy here – but He did promise to never leave us – and He’s put in us the Holy Spirit, the best replacement part ever – for He will never let us down.

9 Comments on “6 Replacements, No 7

  1. Oh it’s so very true that “Only He can” and I’m so grateful that He can replace it all. The newness of peace, strength healing etc. that He washes over us time and time again as only He can!! This truly have me a boost of worship down in my soul!! #tuneinthursday linkup


    • Although those replacements may have a little sting as they come, they are just what we need. Rejoicing with you that our God knows just what we need – when we need it 🙂


  2. I love the principle of not accepting the negative characteristic and replacing it with the positive! I really love how you tied it in at the end with the best replacement part ever given! Have a blessed day!


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