Dear Reader…

   Today’s post is a questionnaire. So here goes:

What can we discover about a Universe Maker that you want to know?

What can we find out about Infinite Love that will heal wounds?

How can Truth be shared to truly set us free?

Do you know who you are in Christ? Are you in Christ?

What are your doubts and fears? What does eternity mean to you?

These are personal things and intimate details shared on the internet aren’t what this is about. But being just a little vulnerable maybe you could share one answer?

   I’ve been writing weekly for almost six years. Has God’s glory been manifested? Has your heart been broken open and filled with Jesus? Has wonder for the Creator opened your eyes? Only you can decide.

An Infinite God loves us enough to show us the way through each day – and night. But I need to know you so I can seek Him out and share pieces of myself and where He’s leading me.

Join me in the journey to forever…


2 Comments on “Dear Reader…

  1. What are your doubts and fears? What does Eternity mean to you? …..My doubts and fears are that I am going to die and find that my faith was just another of the world’s many religions. That I believe so strongly because I was raised from as child in that faith. If I had been born in India would a hold fast to Hinduism? If I was born in China would I hold fast to Buddhism? What if when I die, there is nothing, or worse? What if eternity is grey and meaningless? Will I have been good enough? Is God’s grace bigger than I can imagine? Would He really send millions to an eternal hell that have not “accepted” Jesus as the one way to eternity with HIM? Good, innocent, hard working, impoverished, peoples that never “rejected” a Jesus they never knew about? What about all those that that were raised to hold fast to Hinduism, Buddhism, or the Muslim faiths? Those that died and never even knew of a Jesus that was the “only” way? The 6 million Jews that died in the Holocaust, not believing in Jesus. God’s Chosen People. Did they die in vain?The Bible says that “He is not willing that any should perish”, does that mean that maybe just maybe God’s grace will extend far beyond what we read and interpret in the Bible? Several years ago I was in a very bad car accident, when the airbags went off, and the car was filled with the air bag grey, ominous,smoke and as it was spinning across the road and finally coming to a stop, for just a few seconds, when the blinding grey smoke was filled with silence, I thought, “is this it? Is this eternity?” Why would God create a world, that He knew in advance would be so evil, and then allow the people to be created that would just end up in an eternal hell for not knowing and following the ways of a Jesus they never had a chance to know? And for those of us that DO know, by 100% FAITH, (which I am choosing to believe in hopes of an eternity in Heaven) are we solely responsible to make sure everyone knows and thereby give up enjoying any of life’s joys and riches to try and convince the world to believe and follow Jesus so they don’t spend eternity in essentially a hell that would have not have existed had not God allowed or created it? Ok, well, there they are…. my fears and doubts of eternity with the Universe Maker and the role I play in it. Thanks for all your writing years thus far. Keep up the good work! : )


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