He Comes…

Christmas can’t be contained in a date 2,000 years ago. There was that one special Bethlehem day – but daily now is the coming.

Then there’s the day you found Christ – right there with you all along. And there’s today when the next thirsty soul drinks deep the coming of Jesus into his heart. He comes, moment by moment – always the free gift.

“God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God.” (Ephesians 2:8 NLT)

The ‘holidays’ often are lonely-days even when we’re surrounded. Why is that? Because our soul longs for the final coming, that great day He returns and makes all wrong and despair disappear forever. When lonely feelings set in, it’s because we forget: He left a deposit right inside us. A Holy Spirit deposit guaranteeing all we long for. 

He’s right here in our trying chaos – a mess of shiny ribbons, He’s bowing close to untangle us. He’s right here in our loss and grief – when all the twinkly lights go out, the Light comes to us. “The Word gave life to everything that was created, and his life brought light to everyone. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.” (John 1:4-5 NLT)

And…He never leaves. It may seem like it, but that’s just you and me forgetting to unwrap His presence.

Just a few more days and we’ll move past remembering His coming. We’ll start up a New Year and hope for a good one.

But what if…we acknowledge He comes right out of 2019 into 2020 with us? He always does – into days bright and long nights too. He comes to be with us…always. 

“And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20b NLT) This is the Christmas miracle – He comes, never leaves – and eternity is already ours.

2 Comments on “He Comes…

  1. What a beautiful post for this Advent season. He is coming, He came, and He is here with us at all times. Merry Christmas!


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