Normal is no more. Years of normal definitely tell me this isn’t it. Sheltering in place – like during a storm, only the weather isn’t the issue. Covering faces and hands. Avoiding hugging, not getting close. Jobs gone in a matter of days.

Unsettling really doesn’t do much justice to the way many are feeling. Anxiousness has a way of pulling us inward. Then we forget, as we scan nearly empty shelves, that others wandering the same aisles are in search of something to make them feel more secure. And a loaf of bread won’t do it.

But here’s what we need to remember – this isn’t where we’re supposed to settle, to call home, to rest in. “For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come.” (Hebrews 13:14 NLT)

Yet to come – promised, sure, everlasting. A home where there is no more Covid-19 (nor anything like it).

Doesn’t it come down to this: laid bare, all our soul really longs for is an end to evil, strife, heartache, pain? This is not to be on earth. It is to be someday. Don’t miss it. Do you know this Jesus who promised? Promised to never leave us, forsake us. Promised to prepare a forever home for us – full of joy, endless wonder.

“When everything is ready, I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am.” (John 14:3 NLT)

So do not fear a virus. Fear not knowing there truly is more than this world. Be so very sure that even in the unsettled moments, your eyes automatically look up. Up to the One who is not surprised by any storm – weather or disease or lost job or any of the pains common to our world.

He lived them, walked among them – lovingly healed the blind, touched the leper, spoke calmly to the woman about to be stoned. In an instant, love like that, heals all. That love can heal you too – maybe not here, maybe not right now. But in eternity.

“For this is how God loved the world: He gave His one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16 NLT)



12 Comments on “Unsettling…

  1. Paris, I understand the weirdness of having to stay home even though the weather isn’t bad. It’s all so surreal, isn’t it? Thank you for helping us shift our perspective toward eternal things. 🙂


    • So right, it is surreal. May the peace of the Lord see you and yours through and may the eternity promised make you smile and share His great promise.


  2. Such good words here! This is such a crazy time in our history. Staying home. Having my teenaged boys home in the middle of a weekday in March . . . having hubs working from home. Having cities in our state on a “Stay-At-Home” order, with more probably coming. yes, it’s a strange time indeed.

    I’ve grappled not so much with fear as with loss of control. But really, it comes down to the question, “Who am I trusting?” This spoke to my heart: “So do not fear a virus. Fear not knowing there truly is more than this world.”

    Thank goodness this isn’t the best we’ll ever experience! Those who know the Lord have heaven waiting for us.


    • Jeanne, yes, lack of control is definitely an issue (sometimes even when there isn’t a crisis going on 🙂 ). Blessings as you and your family trust God knowing someday all this turmoil will be no more. He is good all the time…


    • Yes, I think you are right on that one. Things have moved so fast and changes happened so quickly, it’s good to know Jesus helps us cope and catch up. Blessings as you navigate…


    • Yes, it is so very good to know Jesus and know He has this all under control – and best yet, someday no more of these unsettling things!


  3. Unsettled and unsettling. Such perfect words for these days and ones I have repeated often. The unsettled feelings can quickly run amuck…but I have been so blessed by wise and encouraging words that I have been reading on the blogs I so enjoy. Including yours – what a blessing! Thanks for sharing. I pray you have had a blessed and healthy week!


    • We need to encourage one another all the more as we know this is not how things are supposed to be. Someday, friend, no more. Til then what a mighty God we serve!


    • Comfort – peace – mercy – joy – hope – grace —– His good, good gifts just don’t end, ever. Blessings as you settle only in and for Him.


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