Easter is a few short days away. It will be the first one (since becoming a Christian) that I have not been in church celebrating all that this remembrance means.

I’m hoping there’s a lot less bunnies and colored eggs this year – and a lot more Bibles open and crosses displayed.

Open Bible…in it is the answer to every question. Many will scoff at that statement. I assure you that without Jesus as Savior you will not find answers. With Jesus, whatever burdens your heart, the promises and the power contained in this Book heal each one. It covers the beginning of earth’s time to the end of its days. “In the beginning God created” to “what must soon take place” (Genesis 1:1a, Revelation 1:1b NIV)

Do you know that each and every day of your life was written by God before you ever took your first breath? “All the days ordained for me were written in Your book before one of them came to be.” (Psalm 139:16 NIV)

Whether you are mourning the loss of a loved one to Covid 19 or fearing for your own life in the face of it, know this truth: there is purpose in each of our days. We can’t waste one. A life lived seeking out and fulfilling God’s purpose on earth is a life that is never cut short. For whether it lasted a few short years or reached the century mark, it is precious.

Decide today who you will live for. Will it be for self – or for Jesus? The answer does indeed have an impact – not just for you but for all who cross your path. To decide there is no God, deny the very one who makes your next breath possible – makes celebrating Easter (Christmas) meaningless. Might as well take a nap. To decide every day is one the Lord has made, I will rejoice in them – makes Easter all the more meaning-full.

There is no celebration like it. For this celebration says: God did make me. God does have plan. I do have a purpose. This world, a mere handful of years, isn’t all there is.  The answer to all questions: Jesus came to earth, lived a sinless life, died on a cross, rose from the dead – and now we can live forever.

That answer is all we need, no matter what we are facing. It is written so that we may know true love. Love that gives such freedom that we can blow it and still find room in forever. Will you accept such a great love today?

5 Comments on “Written…

  1. First time in my whole life that I will not be in a church for Easter but know I will be celebrating Resurrection Sunday in my home!


  2. I like how our church in Lake Placid refers to Easter as Resurrection Sunday rather than use the pagan label, Easter. I know the world uses that term for a Spring celebration, so they are not reminded what Easter really means. Therefore, I am trying to up my thought process and call Easter Resurrection Sunday! Have a BLESSED Resurrection Sunday at a physical distance connecting with all your family and friends virtually, Love in Jesus, Janet


    • Love that and so grateful God is using these times that we’re in to bring many to Him and reap a great harvest of souls. Blessings…


  3. Yes, this Easter will certainly look different and feel different. I’m grateful, though, that we can celebrate the risen Christ regardless, and, like you, I’m trusting for grace to do that.


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