Come hungry

It’s fun to be invited over for a meal, come as you are, don’t bring a thing. A text that day says: come hungry!

So we bring empty tummies anticipating not only good food, but good company and laughs. I’ve noticed that Jesus is an inviter. Two brothers were doing what they always did – fishing for a living. As Jesus was passing by He gave an irresistible invitation: “Come, follow Me’, Jesus said, ‘and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matthew 4:19 NIV)

What was it about Messiah that made those two drop their nets and follow? Little did they know what an adventure they were in for.

He invites you and me too. Meeting us when we least expect Him to show up.

Like when we’ve lost our temper, been critical of someone, been selfish. When we’re tired and just want to escape. The invitation: “Come to Me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28b NLT)

There is an invitation He extends that we seem to ignore: to get to know Him. To spend time with Him. Why? Why is it the world and all our busyness is so much more alluring? Why aren’t we like those fishermen – eager to join Jesus?

We do seem to fill ourselves up with useless things – social media, tv, games, etc. We ‘choose’ to let one day after another fade away often not blowing the dust off the words of the invitation – the Bible. Once a rich young man asked Christ what it would take for him to have eternal life. Jesus kept it simple: “sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow Me.” (Matthew 19:21) The man went away sad.

That’s us. Treasure in heaven is the promise and yet we cling to this life, to our earthly riches. We don’t know what an adventure we’re missing out on. It’s not that Jesus doesn’t want us to have stuff – it’s that He doesn’t want the stuff to have us. He wants us to come hungry, feast on His Word and be filled to overflowing with the goodness of all He wants to give us. How can we resist?

6 Comments on “Come hungry

  1. Love the statement: It isn’t that He doesn’t want us to have stuff BUT He does not want the stuff to have us!


    • Yes, and often we cling to things, people, routines, whatever – and we just need to cling to Jesus. Blessings as you come hungry and hold Him close.


  2. Paris, beautiful thoughts here! It’s true how we can “fill” ourselves with things that don’t nourish, only to come to His word without an appetite. Oh may we indeed come and dine, and eat to the full of all He has for us!


    • I like the word appetite you used. That’s it – we fill up on other stuff leaving no room for the truly good stuff of Jesus. Blessings as you fill yourself with the Savior!


  3. Thank you, Paris. We ofen ignore the raw and authentic invitation Jesus extends to us. To come as we are. Yet, you expressed this so well, “Treasure in heaven is the promise and yet we cling to this life, to our earthly riches.”


    • Yes, so true. We just need to come to Him, He’s made the way, no obstacles – except ourselves. Blessings as you boldly seek Him day to day…


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