Time is near

Recently I went to a 90th birthday celebration. Like all of us, he wonders…where have the years gone? We are created with an eternal instinct. We know that this chasing after life isn’t quite right. Yet the world we live in sets our deadlines, whirls away our days, and demands we go all out while we still can.

The Bible is not silent on time. Throughout the pages references are made as to how we spend our days, what was happening in a particular time, what will happen in future days. During the brief period before Adam and Eve succumbed to desiring to be their own God, time wasn’t a concern. But ever since: birthdays and last breaths, work schedules and vacations, youthful bodies and old ones.

To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven(Ecclesiastes 3:1 BSB)

A relentless ticking away of minutes and hours we can’t slow or speed up. We make “bucket lists” knowing our time is ticking away. But wait – all this is living like this is all there is. The thing is, there is eternity for every man and woman. The question is – where will it be spent? “He has also set eternity in the hearts of men, yet they cannot fathom the work that God has done from beginning to end.” (Ecclesiastes 3:11b BSB)

I wish I had special insight into how to “make the most of time” – how to “make it count” – how to actually have enough hours to “do it all”. Alas, I think that’s part of the journey: realizing that this isn’t how it’s supposed to be; which makes us long for a place where time never runs out.

Seems only a few, throughout history, truly used the time allotted them wisely: Noah followed God’s instructions (and the rest of his days were spent on the other side of destruction). David spent a great deal of his time writing, singing, even dancing for the Lord (and though his days held sorrow at times, his heart was one God told us was very special). Their life lessons transcend time.

Think of the Billy Grahams, the martyrs throughout history, the missionaries. All chose to use their days in service to the Lord. We aren’t all called to make big imprints on history like these. But we are all called to use our time for Jesus. No matter our calling – businessman, politician, mother, hairdresser, teacher, inventor – all are called to use where we are in time to bring glory to God.

“Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near.” (Revelation 1:3 NIV)

16 Comments on “Time is near

  1. ☺️ Thank you for sharing this. 🤗 It was SO good to see you again. I always enjoy time spent with you. Your insights are wondrous. Wish we lived closer! God’s blessings on your week, Rebecca 🙂


    • Was great spending time with you and your family – hope it happens soon again. Blessings as you look forward to time that doesn’t end 🙂


  2. I often think about what it really means that he has set eternity in our hearts. That longing to make our mark, or to make our time matter. Whatever we do, do it to the glory of God – I think when we are in that sweet spot, we get a glimpse of eternity. Love your thoughtful reminder to make the time count for God’s glory, because it does go by quickly!


    • The real longing of knowing this is not our home – and making our mark is so insignificant compared to making a mark for Him. Blessings as you live this time and all eternity bringing Jesus glory…


  3. Beautiful said, Renae. As the years pass, I am embracing the time more and more, realizing the preciousness of the days we have been given. Blessings to you!


    • Yes, precious is a good word for time, for on earth it is fleeting – but even though it won’t be fleeting in eternity it is still precious because it is a gift only God can give and He gives it so generously. Hallelujah!


  4. Yes, Paris! This is so true, “But we are all called to use our time for Jesus. We all are called to use where we are in time to bring glory to God.” He has set eternity in our hearts that our eye would be focused on Him until we meet Him face-to-face.


    • Yes, what a glorious day that will be – til then, right there with you wanting to stay focused on Him and how He wants me to use my earth time.


  5. My father called yesterday and told me he had a premonition that his time down here was drawing to a close. He asked me, his oldest child to hold the family together and take care of Momma. That conversation is looming in my head today. Then I read your post. Time is drawing near for each of us. We are instructed to seize the day. To live it to the fullest, aligning our days us with God’s purpose for our lives. “A relentless ticking away of minutes and hours we can’t slow or speed up.” These words could not me more true.


    • I know how hard it is to see our parents decline and then be gone. I pray you have much more precious time with your dad, how wonderful he wants to see all you well taken care of – and someday you’ll have endless days together. What a wonderful promise He has given us; praying for you as your heart aches to know your father won’t always be here, but Jesus will see you through. Hugs…


  6. Such lovely thoughts and encouragement in these words. Time is a precious commodity and one I hope to use wisely for the Kingdom.

    Thanks for linking up!

    Peace and grace,


    • Tammy, blessings as you endeavor to live out time for Him knowing His strength will help you; I’m right there with asking for the grace moment by moment.


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