Sometimes we realize we just completed a journey – yet we didn’t leave our normal day to day. Not all journeys require a plane or car, just a surrendered heart.

It’s that moment when we realize God just did a work in us that grows us, matures us, makes us a little more like His Son. Yeah, those aren’t always fun journeys. They often have their beginning in adversity. Could be hurt feelings, could be tragedy.

Always, always they are meant for the glory of God and for our good. Hard to see the good, isn’t it? Until the journey is completed. How long will the journey be? That depends – on us. We tend to turn to self, lost in our thoughts and mired in sorrow or anger. Where we focus our thoughts is the vehicle we ride for the journey. “Finally, brothers, whatever is true” (Philippians 4:8a NIV)

I recently had to work my way out of a downward spiral of self-recrimination. Ever been there? Oh, how the enemy of our soul loves those times. Our focus is totally on self. No room for Jesus. Just a buzz of words that drown out…truth.

Paul wanted the Philippians to know the truth. How to live like followers of Christ. How important prayer is. That their lives have purpose. And then he shows them how to pull it all together. Finally is the word he uses to emphasize the path. “whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable” (Philippians 4:8b NIV)

In other words, show your soul the truth – God is our only truth. When you see something noble, think about it. You know what is right, focus on that. Pure is rare, don’t forget it. Lovely brings light, look that way. Admirable is a goal, reach for it.

“if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.” (Philippians 4:8c NIV) Tell your thoughts – the ones that say, ‘you’re not good enough’, ‘you failed’, ‘things will never be good’, ‘the ache won’t end’ – tell them: Whatever! You are choosing to invite God’s goodness in and let Him shine truth, and light, and love on them.

Because when we do this, the promise shows up…“And the God of peace will be with you.” (Philippians 4:9b NIV) The journey suddenly shows a horizon – one where God says I’m walking with you, you are not alone. And someday, not so long from now, this road leads straight to His arms and a forever of rejoicing. Come what may, WHATEVER is of God, this is how we find our way.

11 Comments on “Whatever

  1. As always, thank you for your insight. Hope you are doing better. ________________________________


  2. Powerful words, Paris! They remind me of another scripture I find myself praying a lot … “send your light and your truth, let them lead me.”


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