Time to work my way out of all that has silenced me the past few weeks. Only one way I know of: list the blessings. When I am lost in all that is wrong, first I hear my mother’s voice: ‘Count your blessings, not your woes.’

Then I feel the Holy Spirit move my soul – for many are the blessings. Sometimes I just forget. I’m in a journey of change right now. Caught in a cycle of trying to learn to manage and live with pain – while also not letting it become what life is all about.

I despair at times – wondering how I live that life that was just a couple months ago. Then I’ll have a decent day where little joys from little boys make me smile. Where the gentleness and steadfastness of my husband make me breathe. But most of all where God reminds me: “Grace and peace are mine in abundance through my knowledge of God and Jesus my Lord.” (a personal paraphrase of 2Peter 1:2 NIV)

Grace…peace. Not just a little, an abundance. And I realize it is true. For without those how would I have navigated life, not just the last couple months? Grace – His favor, love, mercy, forgiveness, and more that have made an eternity of no pain my true reality. Peace – the inner assuredness in the midst of chaos or sorrow or fear or worry…or pain.

Don’t miss the next part of the verse: knowledge of God and Jesus.

That is where grace and peace flow from. How can we experience what comes from God and our Savior if we do not intimately know Him? Ahh, a blessing to count. Jesus has taught me through the power of His Spirit in me for thirty-nine years. Through the Bible, through prayer, through fellowship with those who follow Him.

So, in times that seem like a dark valley, we are not alone. The Savior’s comfort and presence help us through whatever circumstance we are in.

And then joy breaks through — a little guy turned four, his mother took him to the beach to see the sunrise, and he exclaimed: “God must have painted the sky for my birthday!” And this grammy’s heart soared to the heavens and blessings were counted and woes forgotten.

7 Comments on “Counted

  1. last paragraph brought tears to my eyes. The Lord brings joy in unusual circumstances. His joy is our strength.


    • Life is beautifully poignant when we least expect it. May the joys of times past and His presence in each moment give you comfort at all times.


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