Kindness On A Bicycle

Sometimes things we miss in the hurry of our everyday, God will put plainly in sight when we least expect it…

I pulled up to the stop light and before I could check my phone for a text, or look in the mirror to see my reflection, or tune the radio to listen to whatever, there it was beside me…

The young girl on the bicycle, not more than 12 or 13, rode up right behind the two walking ladies. At first I thought she must be with them as she was riding so close. The walking ladies were good friends, it was easy to tell. They were talking away as good friends do, so full of words and so full of friendship that they didn’t know they were walking or where they were. They only knew they were finding God’s gift for their day – the pure joy of having another to share all those words with.

I thought to myself “Why doesn’t the girl just say excuse me or clear her throat or something? Or maybe she is with them and has to ride behind them?” Not more than hundred feet of this happened when a wide driveway into a shopping center became her chance to go around. And she did, she went right around them and zoomed down the street. The walking ladies barely noticed, the words just kept tumbling out.

I thought again of the bicycle girl. I thought her mother should be proud of her. She was so patient, so kind. Then it occurred to me, would I have been? Haven’t I honked the horn when the light is green and the lady in front of me is fixing her hair or tuning her radio? And yes, I have had the horn honked at me when I’m lost in a text while waiting for the green light. How did it feel? It felt unkind.

In the matter of less than sixty seconds God showed me what kindness looks like. It looks like a 12 year old with a long, brown braid on a yellow bicycle gently pedaling and not making a sound and smiling as she goes around two women enjoying their gift for the day…

4 Comments on “Kindness On A Bicycle

  1. And that’s the spirit of LOVE…patience, friendship, kindness…Happy Valentine’s!


  2. Ah yes, patience is truly a virtue. I practice daily in my marriage of many years! God sees that I get my chance to practice!


  3. This is soooo true! So often we are caught up in the demands of each day that we often miss out on the special gifts God sends our way. Thanks for the reminder to look up and around from time to time.


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