“Wait for me, Nanny!” Nanny is what Little One called her grandmother. “Come on, Little One, the garden is calling.” “I don’t hear it, Nanny. What is it calling?” Laughing, Nanny said “No, Little One, you can’t hear it with your ears, you hear it with your heart. The garden is full of life and adventures, not to mention good stuff to eat.”

Little One clung to Nanny’s dress as they waded through the rows of corn towering higher than even Nanny. When they reached the beds of squash Little One let go and ran up to a squash flower peering in. “Look, Nanny, there’s a bee inside!” Next to the squash were the pole beans. Nanny had positioned strings running up to a center pole so that a ‘tent’ of bean tendrils had grown all around and up to the top. “Look, Little One, so many beans are ready. They will taste so good with cornbread and fried chicken.” “Mmmm, I like beans, Nanny, can we have some now?” Grandmother and granddaughter plopped on the dirt and Nanny spread her apron wide and ‘unzipped’ several pods. Fresh peas fell upon Nanny’s apron and both tasted the goodness of the garden.

“Let’s go pick some maters Little One.” Jumping up Little One ran ahead to the tomato cages. “Ooo, look there’s a big green worm on this one.” Nanny plucked the worm and squished it and then another and another. “Darn horn worms, they like maters more than I do” said Nanny. Little One looked at the squished worms; she wrinkled her nose and put her hands on her hips “Darn horn worms!” Caught off guard Nanny said “Don’t go telling your momma I said darn, Little One, and don’t you say it either.”

Not too many years later as Little One was starting school she and her family moved to where people didn’t have gardens. The years flew by and Little One was all grown up. When she began to have children of her own she and her family moved back to where people still planted gardens. She remembered the smell of the dirt, the tickle of the corn silks, and taste of the fresh beans. Most of all she remembered the joy her grandmother had just being in the garden, a joy she still felt in her heart. She started with tomatoes and took her children out to look at them each day. When they began to turn red her little ones said “Look, mommy, there’s a big green worm on this one!” “Darn horn worms!” said mommy as she squished it….

4 Comments on “THE GARDEN

  1. Lovely. I remember being in my great grandmother’s and great grandfather’s garden when I was growing up. Your story evoked many fond memories, thank you.

    I am now planting with my little grand children and sharing the joy of this beautiful earth.


  2. I remember eating tomatoes off the vine, but don’t remember the green worms. I remember eating the asparagus before the rabbits did, when mom and dad were putting the property up for sale. We grew up working in the garden with a variety of vegetables and berries. we grew up playing hide and seek in our neighbors cornfields. thanks for taking me back.


  3. Story brings back fond memories of my many years of gardening with kids and grandchildren as well as learning the art of eating from the garden as I tended it when I was a child growing up in the country; especially those fresh peas out of the pea pods!


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