Starry Night…

Starry Night1     Have you ever gone camping? How about a cruise? How about lived or visited an area without many lights? Far from man made lights, gazing up at the night sky, its breathtaking to see the number stars…

If the naked eye can see that many, just imagine…imagine how very many there are, each one unique…

I have never had the opportunity, as many of us never will, to gaze out into space through a powerful telescope – the pictures that have been recorded are a sight to behold…

Sometimes when I gaze at that starry night I don’t want to blink, I don’t want to forget, I want to see even more…

Eternity has been set in our hearts and in the perfection of eternal I can only begin to fathom what sights we might be able to take in…forever — flowers we’ve never seen, birds we’ve never heard, ocean depths we’ve never dived, vistas we’ve never climbed…endless and forever – and oh, the stars of the universe in their brilliance and colors our mind has never even imagined…


Have you seen the internet pictures of the brightly colored frogs of the Amazon rain forest – there’s even more spectacular than these awaiting… Have you seen the pictures of the Northern Lights – there’s lights of colors we don’t know exist… Have you seen pictures of frozen beauty, coral reefs, rainbows from airplane view – these and more someday ours to behold — FOREVER!

This starry night go out away from the lights, look up, imagine…



One Comment on “Starry Night…

  1. Red Rock Canyon in Nevada/Arizona – Janet and I layed back on the trunk of our car and felt like the stars were a blanket – so thick, so close


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