Take My Breath Away…

 snow at morning1    How can we find the hush even in the rush… Find quiet for our souls… Let our breath be taken away???

In the excited face of the impoverished child opening a gift – let us give that his face can shine…

In the flurry of snow caught in the moon light, later breaking into a crystal clear morning…

In the shelter dog cleaned and groomed with red ribbon on his neck walking through his new home’s door…

In the crystal clear voice that sings Angels We Have Heard On High and Joy To the World and Silent Night…

In the great grandmother holding the next generation both staring in astonishment…

In the wounded soldier returning to cheers and hugs and kisses and his momma…

Breath taking moments aren’t in the gifts, in the decorations, in the programs, in the shopping… Take your breath away comes in the hush… When one more day is given to the ailing parent, a clear memory for even just a moment to the Alzheimer’s spouse, energy enough to open gifts by the child with cancer…

Breath taking is a God who won’t leave you as you are but constantly tugs at your heart, breath taking is His love so deep that He would trod the same earth we do, breath taking is a splintered and blood spattered cross, breath taking is His death given that we might live forever…

In the noise and chaos it is the silence of the moment that speaks to our soul and takes our breath away…


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