Clean Your Drawers…


drawer messy2   Ever wander around the house and even though you have a hundred things to do you don’t know what to do?

Sometimes I think we need to clear the cobwebs out of our brains… We need bright blue sky vision even when its cloudy. We need a walk with the wind in our face when we can’t leave the house. We need flowers in a vase when a bloom isn’t in sight…

rose vase2

I’m one of those people on a guilt trip if I don’t feel like I’m accomplishing something. I can’t just pick up a magazine and clear the cobwebs that way…

So recently, in one of those moods to do something but not wanting to do anything that ‘had’ to be done, I opened a drawer… Wow, what a mess, I wasn’t even sure what all was in there. The first drawer was filled with note cards and stationery stuff. A couple of desk drawers later and I was hooked…

I went to the bathroom and pulled open drawers. To the kitchen, to my bedroom… I filled a box of ‘give aways’ and a trash can of ‘get rid ofs’…

There’s something freeing about getting rid of clutter. Will I really use the that old lipstick, the sticky nail polish? What’s up with the old keys, the free stress ball?

This is just the beginning, a few drawers isn’t enough. There are boxes and paper piles and, oh my, closets…

Maybe stuff crowds out who we are… Maybe clearing some breathing space let’s us exhale some simplicity… Next time you’re walking around in circles with a million things to do, clean out a drawer…



7 Comments on “Clean Your Drawers…

  1. This is exactly where I’m at now! I need to clear the clutter to feel peaceful. It is a long process but it is getting done…one drawer at a time.


  2. I’ve been putting off doing exactly that! Now I feel I’ve had a “sign” that it’s time to clean out a (few) drawers literally as well as figuratively. Thanks, friend,


  3. We also clutter our lives with busyness , so much so that we don’ t have time for God. When we declutter that aspect of our lives, God fllls it with the really good “stuff”. I should start now!😇

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  4. It really is liberating cleaning out all the miscellaneous “junk” in drawers, closets, stacks of paper, etc. I love to do this ~ love how it feels when I’m done!!!!


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