Lighthouse for the Soul…

lighthouse soul     A few years back my best friend visited the area where I live. One outing I planned was to visit a lighthouse, climb to the top, look at the awesome view, and have lunch…

To the top was about 108 feet of winding corkscrew steps…It wasn’t until we were about two-thirds the way up that I noticed she was pale and trembling. Loving friend that I am I asked what was wrong – come to find out she has a fear of heights (I had no idea). As only a best friend would do I said ‘So you want to go to the top or not?’ (she did). Needless to say lunch was delayed while she regained her composure on firm ground…

Funny, isn’t it – we think we know someone so well and yet what should have been an obvious fact, goes unnoticed. We need a beacon showing us the way to the hearts of those we love. Shedding light on their fears, their dreams, their victories, their vulnerabilities…

lighthouse to their hearts

Being a lighthouse keeper meant sacrificing a lot of comfort. It meant risking danger and well being to keep the light burning – so others could find safe harbor. Perhaps a bit more sacrifice on our part: time-giving, truly listening… Maybe we could light the way to safe harbor for our friend’s, our husband’s, our children’s unknown souls??

Fast forward a few years and outings since that lighthouse trip and once again we found ourselves where there was a lighthouse – one I hadn’t been to yet. This one towered 175 feet up. Walking in we craned our necks to see as far as we could.  Up to the first landing we went, looked out the window, came back down, and…went to lunch.

Rather spend a long lunch knowing each other even better than trekking to the top to see the view….

lighthouse stairs 2



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