cute red mail box with flowersx     Who doesn’t like walking down to the mailbox? Maybe yours is by your door and you don’t have to go far – or maybe yours is grouped with others and so sometimes its a meeting place…

I think the postal carrier smiles whenever she/he comes across an out of the ordinary, ‘look at me’, load me up mailbox…there are some creative boxes out there!

The sad thing is the art of letter writing or sending a note is becoming a thing of the past… My mother made me send a thank you note for everything someone did for me or gave to me. I, in turn, made my children do the same…

If someone has a birthday, an anniversary, graduates, buys a home, is sick, there’s a card for every occasion – and I don’t know for sure but I bet not many of those make it in the mail anymore. In some respects at forty-nine cents for postage I can understand. But getting a card in the mail is the b-e-s-t…just a simple ‘thank you’ or ‘I’m praying for you’ – brightens anyone’s day…

hands with Thank you notex

Now I can’t put down email and texts, I do plenty of that myself, but seriously – you can’t hold a text, sit it on your desk or counter, smile over it more than once…

I have a friend I haven’t seen in 20 years and she still writes me about a twice a year…I l-o-v-e getting her letters.

My poor hubby had to learn over many years that though I think flowers are nice and a gift is sweet, what really makes my heart beat is a note or card with words of love written in it from him.

I can tell a friend that I’m thinking of her, praying for her – but I can show her and give her something to look at for a little while if I write some thoughtful words and include a verse.

pretty notecardx

So go to the dollar store, load up on some note cards, some special occasion cards, some pretty paper – and even if its just a couple of lines, tell someone you’re thinking of them…

Oh, and maybe you could jazz-up your mailbox a little and give your neighbors and your postal carrier a smile…

fish box2

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