Squishing Worms…

flowerpot2x     In the garden department I spotted an ‘all in one’ plant, a combination of several small flowering beauties that grow well together. The dangler on the collection said ‘it’s small now, but put in a large container and watch fill it out and give beauty for months to come’. What a great idea, I only have to make room for this amazing combo and it will do the rest!

Sure enough, it did – spreading out, overflowing, and cascading down the sides of the planter. Wow, container heaven! Then one day I went out to find half eaten flowers, leaves with holes – each passing day it got worse. Time to investigate – slipping on some gloves I began to pull individual stems away from each other – yuck – juicy worms…

flower with wormx

Feasting at the expense of my ‘beauty for months to come’. I reacted the way any loving gardener would: I plucked one off, threw it on the ground – and without the least hesitation, squished it. After doing that another six times, I isolated the plant before the hungry critters got the idea to try the smorgasbord of other containers nearby…

Early mornings and evenings (when I remember, out of sight out of mind you know) will find me plucking worms. I truly don’t understand why God didn’t make worms to only enjoy weeds instead of just the good stuff…

This isn’t my first encounter with worms, I tried zucchini in the garden once. Everybody can grow zucchini I was told. No sooner would mine get about a 1/2 inch around and about 2 inches long when I would discover a worm had eaten right up the middle of the little zucchini! Tomatoes, have you seen the worms that tomatoes get? They are disgusting to squish, but what’s a girl to do?

tomato hornwormx

I guess, in the end, worms are a lot like us. God could have made it so we only liked broccoli and spinach and not the good stuff like ice cream and bread loaded with butter… Hmmm, glad I’m at the top of the food chain, don’t want to get squished over my raid on chocolate chip cookies…



 If you stopped by because you read my devotion over at Encouragement Cafe, WELCOME!   So glad you are here!

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