Be Choosy…

donutsx     Each morning we wake to…choice…   Be choosy…

Choose to give the best part of your day to God – then do the dishes, take out the trash, make breakfast…

Choose to smile – instead of frown, instead of how you feel, instead of all obstacles…

Choose to give – to a co-worker who needs help, a friend who needs a listening ear, a spouse who needs reassurance…

Choose to love – despite the differences, the defects, the annoyances…

I went out to cut a rose I had been watching. It had the longest stem yet of any of my roses, and the sturdiest. The bud, while still surrounded by the sepals looked huge. When I went out to see if it had bloomed, something had gone wrong… The rose was small, the tips of each petal deformed and brown… I had to choose: cut it and throw it away or slip it into the long green vase and see what it would become…

marred rose 2x

The world is faced with such choices daily: the unexpected pregnancy, choose; the genetic abnormality during pregnancy, choose; the skin color of our neighbor, choose; the angry teenager, choose; the rear ending of your new car, choose; the alcohol or drugs or not, choose; harming another in the name of religion, politics, the climb up the ladder, choose; the lie or the truth, choose…


What makes our hearts sing? The young woman who gives birth, the couple who tenderly holds the Down Syndrome baby, neighbors who don’t see color, parents who love through the teenage hormones, forgiving the smashed in bumper offender, sobriety in the face of all life’s ugliness, putting others ahead of self instead of the other way around – and always the truth… Because the Truth is Christ and He is the Way and He is the Life – and choices made in Him are always the right ones…

Today, Choose Well – tomorrow isn’t here yet, yesterday is on Instagram, but today is your day to Be Choosy!


4 Comments on “Be Choosy…

  1. It is also important to ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES OF OUR CHOICES – good or bad… good post!


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