My Sunshine…

tweetyx     Did your mother ever sing to you ‘You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey…”? Mine did… I miss her…

She also came in some mornings singing ‘Wake up, wake up you sleepy head. The sun is high and you’re still in bed!’ That one usually made me grouchy, now I would love to hear her sweet voice rustling me awake…

I remember being rocked by my grandmother. The rocking chair squeaked something awful, but I became so accustom to it that if the squeaking stopped, I woke up. When my children were little I rocked them to sleep most times. I often hummed or sang while I rocked them. Problem was, I was not gifted with a melodic voice – their eyes usually got wider when I sang instead of sleepier…

rocking chairx

I was a young mom, my oldest son and I grew up together so to speak. When he was little, as I stood swaying and patting him on the back, he patted me on the back at the same time, precious…

mother childx

Moms have a way of looking in your eyes and knowing everything you don’t want them to know. My middle son was absolutely convinced that I must have eyes in the back of my head and spies all across town. Too bad we don’t realize during those trying teen years how deep a mother’s love is – the one person we could confide in, yet we think she wouldn’t understand.

Now my daughter is my sunshine, she makes me happy whether skies are blue or grey…

I think now about all the things my mother would like if she were still here – like how I keep my hair blonde (no gray for this girl), like how I write stories and encourage those who are fearful, like how I hug my daughter and kiss her neck every time I see her, like how I’ve started to notice the birds in the yard and have a love affair with growing flowers. She would smile because she would see that I was watching her all along and chose the best things so she would be proud…


2 Comments on “My Sunshine…

  1. Beautiful!!!! Missing my Mom this year too dear friend ~ sending you a hug as big as you need ~ it’s a little moist from my tears but deep and strong from one who knows your pain and aches right along with you.


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