Thirsty Love…

watering canx     Lots of flowers in pots and a raised bed garden means…lots of watering. To garden like this means you’ve really got to love it – those little yellow marigold skirts and petunia faces are thirsty. My love part: water. Their love part: looking pretty.

I wish I could garden vegetables – that’s not a love relationship. I have tried several times. The raccoon stole my pineapple the night before I went to cut it. I went out, knife in hand, only to find a stump and no pineapple. The horn worms love my tomatoes. Something loves the zucchini, apparently when I’m not looking. So its more a love/hate relationship. Loving person that I want to be, I figured I better give up on the veges…

flower potsx

Friendships get thirsty too. With my dear friend of over 28 years, over 3,000 miles away, 3 different time zones between us, and different schedules – we make sure to water our friendship with regular phone calls, emails, notes, whatever. Too beautiful to let it dry up.

Marriages get especially thirsty. My hubby of 32 years is a good waterer – sweet notes, kind deeds, big hugs. Different seasons in the marriage need different kinds of watering, sometimes there’s only time for a sprinkle and others a deep soaking. No matter, make sure to tend to it, lest it dry up when you’re not looking.

Children are the easiest to quench, but also the most demanding. It’s not a once in a while drink but a constant stream of cheering on, picking up and dusting off, helping with homework, chauffeuring, feeding, nursing, hugging and kissing. They don’t know about the unending (even once their adults) worry watering we do as well.


Reminds me that the best watering we can do for any relationship is prayer watering. It can quench the misunderstandings, the long distance, the fatigue, the deepest parts that only God can nourish. Next time you put a flower in a vase, water the grass or the garden, mist the houseplants – think about someone who could use some God sized watering and turn the spigot on…



7 Comments on “Thirsty Love…

  1. So very true ~ awesome reminders to tend to our relationships not just be a bystander but an active participant. It is as easy as turning on the spigot and letting the “refreshment” pour out for both the receiver and giver.


  2. So sweet. I loved this! The flowers and their needed water were wonderful visuals. (But I did want to have a “talking to” with that pesky raccoon. As a gardener, I totally felt your pineapple disappointment. Grrr….) Visiting today via #DancewithJesus.


  3. Love these great thoughts! ” My love part: water. Their love part: looking pretty.” – nice to think that I am loving my flowers,, friends etc. by loving them. Thanks for the encouragement to keep watering- and reminding me to do so! I also have had very little success with vegetable though I would Love to have a beautiful garden of them! I am trying blueberries this year- but probably will only get a few since the birds are enjoying them too! 🙂


  4. This is BeAUTIFUL. Just like your (His!) flowers. Thank you for reminding us to water that which is thirsty. Susa


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