pink pursex     So I’m not all that big on purses, whatever is functional – well, I sometimes do try and match my outfit for a special occasion…. Let’s see that would be Sunday for church, on a date with my hubby, and weddings…lunch with a friend, out with my daughter. Ok so I do like purses…

Really though I would rather have the money in my purse than spend it on the purse – but that’s just me. I understand the whole designer thing, I think… It’s a fashion statement, it’s a purse-anality statement…

I have a dear friend who sews meticulously. She has made several purses for me, without me even asking, and at no charge. They are works of art – truly. They have pockets galore and the fabrics she uses would put Vera Bradley to shame. For her its a work of love and satisfaction in a job well done.


I’m thinking the owner of a store I saw called Purse-anality, probably has a great personality. I love it when people come up with a play on words like that. So if you’re a cat person things are purr-fect. She-shells are what you find on the beach and keep – guys don’t keep them so they have to be she-shells. My mother was a hair dresser – they come up with great shop names: Short Cuts, Curl Up & Dye, No Loose Ends, The Mane Attraction…

hair dryerx

The gift of language is one of the joys unique to humans. Animals communicate with purpose. We communicate sometimes just for the fun of it. Puns are a great example: Two silk worms had a race, they ended up in a tie. Bakers trade recipes on a knead to know basis. A will is a dead giveaway.

Ok, I’ll stop now…

The point is life isn’t always happy, but it is always joy – when you know Jesus as Savior. Our words have the power of life, share Him with someone today and bring life – then they will be joy-full too!

tie pixa x

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  1. I love this analogy! You are amazing! I’m praying for your ministry! #RaRaLinkup


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