Sea Shells & Other Collections…

sea shells pixa x     My husband says I should take a few bags with me to the beach – but he doesn’t mean empty ones for more shells. He thinks I should return a few bags just to be fair to others who are missing out…

People usually go to the beach to tan or to play in the water or to relax by the surf – I don’t understand… So much treasure just waiting to be picked up. My son once found a beautiful watch for me in a bed of seaweed. My mother used to live near the Oregon coast, she collected agates she found at the seashore.

A good friend has collected ‘sea glass’ and turned it into a jewelry business. Ever see those guys out there with their metal detectors? I bet they find some good stuff…

sea glass pixa x

When I go to the mountains there aren’t any shells…But there are leaves in the fall. I have a huge, old dictionary whose pages have leaves pressed between them. They’re beautiful. If it’s not fall, I can collect some rocks – well, we don’t have rocks in Florida so they are quite a find.

Once we were in Asheville strolling down the street – there were these brown prickly balls with a little stem lying everywhere. They looked like brown fuzzy maraschino cherries. Perfect for a bowl on my table.

bowl x

Acorns are really cool looking, but we don’t have any oaks around us so I only have a couple. I recently started collecting seeds from my flowers – why not? I can store them and replant them the following season and not have to buy as many plants. I love cat tails – not the animal kind, the kind that grow on those blowing grasses. Stick them in a vase, they last forever.

Late in the year I pull out a collection of pine cones that I’ve had for over twenty years. While I certainly cannot put down the store bought collections we all have, I must say that the ones God has sprinkled about for us to enjoy are much more unique – and they’re free! Creation – the best collecting grounds there are…

cat tails 3 x

If you stopped by because you read my devotion today over at Encouragement Cafe, WELCOME!   So glad you are here!

6 Comments on “Sea Shells & Other Collections…

    • Thank you for sharing, my mom is who got me started as well. In fact, one of the last times she visited us we went to the seashore and that was all she wanted to do, pick up the treasures… 🙂


  1. I love walking around looking at all the treasure God has sprinkled all over creation 🙂 We are renting a small apartment so my husband might have something to say if I kept bringing goodies home … but one day if we have a house to decorate … it will be full of free treasures from the Lord ❤


    • Sarah, thank you for stopping by. His treasures are amazing and our treasure stored in heaven is even more amazing. Think of eternity spent with His perfect wonderful creation. Can’t wait!


  2. I love this! I recently just came back from the beach, and I collected a whole bag of sand and shells… mostly broken ones, but ones I will turn into something. Does your friend have a seaglass jewelry website? I’d love to check that out. Thanks for sharing…. I loved it 🙂


    • Rachael, thank you for stopping by and your sweet words. I think she may have an Etsy site or look on Pinterest too, her name is Kristine Dow. Enjoy your treasures…


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