What’s A Daddy to do?

Bible - sharing lightstock x     My mother always used to say “Anyone can be a father, it takes someone special to be a daddy.” She should know – she was born in the height of the depression to a seventeen year old mom, adopted when she was almost two because she was starving – by a couple who were unable to have children.

Life was no cake walk after that for my mother but she always thought highly of her adopted father and always called him: Daddy.

Fast forward twenty years to my birth. My parents were not perfect either, in fact, they divorced when I was six. But I often came home in the summer and until his death I always called my father: Daddy.

Today’s world is full of fathers, as it always has been, but how many Daddys are there? Fortunately even if we do not have a great father here on earth – we have a great Father in heaven: our Abba, Daddy.

father daughter pixa x

His Word tells us that He has gone to all lengths to make sure that we have everything we need and that we are spoiled with His lavish love. He sent His own son to die for our reckless behaviors. He has given us His Word to teach us everything we need to know. He has given us His Spirit to guide us and as a deposit for eternity. He has given us prayer to communicate with Him, with His Son interceding for us night and day.

What a great picture for fathers here one earth: To the best of their ability provide for their children’s needs, spoil them with love, make sure they know about Jesus’ sacrifice, teach them all they need for life and godliness from the Word, lead them to a point they make a decision for Christ, and pray with them and for them all the time.

What’s a Daddy to do? Humble himself before the Lord His God and when life becomes to hard to stand – kneel…

Happy Daddy’s Day to the men of God in your life!

LB Pic kneel x


8 Comments on “What’s A Daddy to do?

  1. I love this. My husband now is my oldest daughter’s daddy, although he isn’t her biological father. He has been in her life for the last 11 years when her actual father wasn’t. I totally agree, that anyone can be a father but not everyone can be a daddy. And that you can be a daddy without being a father in some cases. It just takes love!


    • Thanks for stopping by, Miranda. Well, put, it takes love and that love is put in hearts by our heavenly Father. Praying your hubby has a wonderful father’s day and your daughter feels not only his love but the love of Jesus too 🙂


  2. Yes the remembering for me oh how I called my dad daddy has always been special to me especially when I hear so many not saying nice things about their fathers. God has blessed me with a good one and my children with a good one too and one who has helped lead them on to know God as their father.


    • Sandra, so glad you stopped by. God is so good to us, no matter our earthly state of affairs, He is with us, for us, and loving us ALL the time!


  3. Good words for us men out here. Thank you. Being a father (and hopefully a Daddy) myself, I know that there is no way I can achieve “daddy status” without my Heavenly Daddy showing me the way. Walking out on a daily basis His example of Love and provision to my kids is a challenge. But what a wonderful challenge it is.


    • Tom, You are so right – our heavenly Father is the only way we can make an impact – whether our children or anyone He puts in our path. And you are so right that the challenge is worth it. The best privilege ever given is that of parenting…


  4. When life gets to hard to stand…kneel. AMEN Paris Renee!

    Question for you – Would you be interested in joining the virtual book blog tour? I would be so honored, if so. Details and RSVP at SusanBMead.com/you-are-invited I pray it works for you to join the tour! Hugs Susan


    • Susan, you’re catching me at my ‘busy time’ – grandkids will be here in two days for two weeks. But I would LOVE to be part of your virtual book blog tour. So I am going to say yes and will decide at which level once I can gather my thoughts today. After that I will have to put all on the back burner until mid-July. Is that okay?


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