So-ing Lessons…

sunset gpagson pixa x     A lot can be learned from a thirteen year old…

They like to use the word ‘so’ – a lot. ‘So, grandma, how did you and grandpa meet?’ My story made him smile wide and relax in his seat. (So, I guess I’m a good story teller.)

‘So, grandpa, see if you know the answer to this, you would have been around then… Back in the prohibition all alcohol was illegal. Which alcohol was still illegal after prohibition?’ Uh, grandpa wasn’t even born til 1956 and where do they get this stuff – must have been in his history class this past year.

‘So there’s this kid at school whose the same age as me. He has a mustache and chest hair already and he’s not even as tall as me. He looks a lot older, like seventeen. But he’s really my age.’ Hmmm, we’re happy that this year our just turned teen has grown several inches and his voice changed but that’s it for now…

child with mustache canva x

It’s amazing how the metabolism of a thirteen year old can consume a week’s worth of groceries in one day with a super large bowl of ice cream just before they go to bed and not only can they sleep well, but they never put on any weight. So I guess he may be two inches taller before he goes back home to his parents.

Thirteen year old boys also have come into their own with humor and telling jokes. It’s like the light bulb came on and they can’t get enough. Everyday he has a new one ‘So, grandma, what do you call a cow with no legs?’ Honestly I thought my answer of ‘sitting bull’ was good, he rolled his eyes. ‘No, the answer is – ground beef.’ So, now he has us searching our memory banks for long lost silly jokes…

cow sitting pixa (1) x

In the quiet of day just before bedtime we have deep discussions. A serious side comes out. He reflects before answering and sharing and then when we all pray he says something like this: ‘So, God, thank you for all the fun of the day, all the good food and things you’ve given us. Watch over my family while I’m away and help other people around the world with their problems. In Jesus’ Name, Amen’

So, being a grandparent is pretty cool, to see the world through eyes only beginning the adventure… Lessons learned in a short summer stay, memories to last a lifetime…

praying hands pixa x

5 Comments on “So-ing Lessons…

  1. Children help remind us how Jesus wants us to be as children trusting, believing, depending on Him and full of hope for such is the kingdom of God; to have childlike faith!


  2. I love this! I can feel how you treasure this in your heart and so looking forward to the day that I am a grandparent! I treasure it in my heart for you, thank you for sharing


  3. Being a grandparent seem to carry with it more patience. Maybe because our listening skills have been fined turned through raising our kids. This was a sweet post.


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